A bunch of BADASS holiday gifts that people ACTUALLY want!!!

Ohhh yeahhhh, it’s that time of the year again. Time to start racking your brain to figure out WTF you can buy allllllll the people on you holiday list. Well, you’re welcome. Because I figured it all out for you. Wanna know why? Because I love you. Yup, I mustered up the last few brain cells I have and I came up with some totally kickass holiday gifts for your rugrats, hubbies, wives, grannies and grampies, etc etc etc. And alls you gotta do is click on the pics and it’ll take you straight to buy them. Let the shopping begin!!!

Thank you sooooo much for reading my holiday gift guide!!! And the best present you can give me is to like and share it. Thank you!!!

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6 responses to “A bunch of BADASS holiday gifts that people ACTUALLY want!!!

  1. Christine Alexander

    keurig is awful for the environment. please rethink promoting this product.

  2. Christine Alexander

    but i love you otherwise!!!!

    • FYI: Grounds to Grow on is a great way to dispose of your K-Cups. They compost the grounds and convert the other components into energy. Check it out! I use it in our office and take my K-Cups from home and add them to the box in the office.

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  4. There’s little better than a conversation between Alexa and an (almost) 3 year old. “ALEXA! PLAY THE SCHOOL BUS SONG!!!”

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