You’re not going to believe what Zoey wrote on her Santa list this year (you could win a $350 Visa gift card from RetailMeNot!!!)

Before you start reading, this post is sponsored by RetailMeNot and they are giving away a kickass prize, aka MONEYYYYYY. So keep reading.

So the other day I made the mistake of taking the kids shopping and it was a disassssster. I swear literally every item they saw in the store, they were like, “Mom, can I get this?” “Mom, I want this!” “Mom, this is what I want!!” “I want I want I want I want I want.” And by the time we were done shopping, I was beyond angry.

ME: Aggghhhhh, if you guys ask for ONE MORE THING, I’m going to lose it. You can either do chores to earn money and pay for it or you can put it on your holiday list.

So the second they got home, they sat down and started writing their letters to Santa. Holden needed my help a lot so I didn’t really see Zoey’s Santa letter until she was done.

ZOEY: I’m done!

ME: Wow, that’s, ummm, REALLY long.

ZOEY: I’ve been very good this year.

ME: You have been good, but you don’t want Santa to think you’re greedy, do you?

Because she doesn’t give a crap what I think, but Santa’s opinion is like super important.

ZOEY: No, I don’t.

ME: Okay, then why don’t you take a few minutes to fix it before we send it to him?

So she did. Wait until you see how… right after this short break from the awesome sponsor of this post RetailMeNot And one of you is going to win a $350 Visa gift card from them so keep reading!!!!)

It’s most wonderful tiiiime of the year. Wait, WTH am I talking about? No, it’s not. It’s the time of the year that my bank account is literally hemorrhaging money by the second. But at least I discovered a really cool way to save some money. RetailMeNot gives me totally kickass coupons to my favorite stores!! Like for things I was going to buy anyway!

Seriously, their website and app helped me get money off AND even cash back for a bunch of my purchases!! You can even combine offers to get as much as $30 cash back in one click. Um, hellllooo, that’s like a whole ‘nother present for someone.

Anyways, here is me making the same face over and over again because I’m looking at their site going holy crap, this is amazing.

I used the website to find great deals before I went holiday shopping, and I even put the app on my phone so when I’m running errands it alerts me to awesome deals in the area. And the coupon is right on your phone, so you don’t have to remember to take it into the store.

Electronics, beauty stuff, decorations, pretty much everything I need this holiday. I don’t have to keep track of coupons anymore. RetailMeNot does it for me!! And look how much I saved!! And I’m not even done shopping yet!!See?!!! Look how much I got off at World Market, Toys R Us, Snapfish and Kohl’s!!

I’m even using it for gift cards, which is awesome for teachers/mail people/bus drivers/custodians/tutors/etc. etc. etc!!!!!!!

Sorry for all the exclamation marks, but honestly, I don’t think I’ve been this excited for a while. Okay, back to the story about Zoey and how she “fixed” her Santa list.

ZOEY: I fixed it!

ME: Are you sure? That was fast.

ZOEY: See?

ME: Wait a sec, that’s awesome that you crossed off a bunch of items, but why did you write twos in front of everything?

ZOEY: One for me and I’m going to give the second one to a kid who doesn’t have very much money to get what they want.

ME: Wow, Zoey. That is such a nice thing to do.

ZOEY: Santa isn’t going to think I’m greedy at all.

ME: No, he’s not.

ZOEY: And maybe he’ll even bring me a corn snake!!

ME: Uhhh, I don’t think Santa is allowed to bring reptiles.

ZOEY: Yes, he can. He brought Cameron a bearded dragon last year.

ME: Yeah, but then there was that whole incident with the reindeers when the bearded dragon got loose on the sleigh, so they changed the rules.

ZOEY: What incident?

ME: I saw it on the news.

ZOEY: Mommmmm.

ME: Seriously.

And now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for, SHOW ME THE MONEYYYYYY! Okay, so here’s how YOU could win a $350 Visa gift card. Just click here to sign up with RetailMeNot and check out some of their awesome offers. Then comment on this post with the deal that excites you the most.

On Friday, I’ll randomly pick one commenter to win a $350 Visa gift card from RetailMeNot!! Wahooooo!!!! If you like reading long boring stuff, here are the official rules.

On your mark, get set, GO SHOPPING!!!!!

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279 responses to “You’re not going to believe what Zoey wrote on her Santa list this year (you could win a $350 Visa gift card from RetailMeNot!!!)

  1. Heather Anderson

    I was excited to see a deal fro Enterprise Car Rental since we’re going to be renting a car for the next couple of weeks!

  2. Ohhh, I like the idea of a Southwest Airlines gift card. When the winter seems endless, I have cabin fever, and I want to run away screaming from the kids, a discount to do it sounds awesome.

  3. $20 off $40 + from CVS is pretty awesome!! I get a lot of Stocking stuffers and candy from there!! Im also loving the cash back from Toys R Us!!! Lord knows all us parent’s need a little something back from the holidays lol!!

  4. Kathryn Richards

    Hi Baby Sideburns! Love your stuff!
    I saw your daughter’s Christmas list, and I make Harry Potter wands that I sell on Etsy. I would love to send one to Zoey as a gift, as well as another one to donate to another child.

  5. Although…. an Ikea gift card for the oldest who has her first house could be handy too! (Yes, if you’re lucky some of them do eventually leave! 2 down, 3 to go….)

  6. Amazon is my go to for just about everything! I probably need an Amazon intervention of some kind, and I may need to buy something for my UPS driver- from Amazon of course and I will be using those Amazon deals through

  7. I liked the deal from Best Buy because the things I want/need are never on sale.

  8. Audrey burkholder

    Love my retail me not app!

  9. Glad to see my son isn’t the only kid to drive their mom bat s**t crazy with all the s**t they want for Christmas. I love my son and I love Christmas but d**n it’s getting expensive. I love your posts and I love your books your just so d**n honest and funny. A bright spot on my day. 🙂 I signed up for retail me not, cool site and if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have known about them. So thank you for the another addiction. 🙂 I love the Payless deal but then again mama loves her shoes. 🙂

  10. I would have to Say either Dicks sporting goods or Papa Johns! Spring Soccer will be here before we know it!

  11. I’m kind of excited about the Lancome free eyeshadow! I need the eye makeup remover anyway, I can give the shadows as a gift to my glamor-puss granddaughter, and it’s win/win! (Really? A corn snake?!?)

  12. Madeleine Crispino

    $25 off $150 IKEA! Great for the loft I want to get!

  13. I love how they have coupon codes for sites like CVS!

  14. Stephanie Burrus

    Love finding coupons for Toys R Us! Let’s be honest, I spend too much money there! Lol

  15. Stephanie Jensen

    I LOVE RetailMeNot. I’ve used it for years. They’re my go to app before I place ANY online order. 👍🏻👍🏻 #ImNotCheapImFrugal #WhoAmIKidding #ImCheapToo

  16. Toys r us and I’m obbsessed with amazon because hello 2 day shipping 💃🏻💃🏻 Lol!!

    Love her list! A snake 🐍🤣🤣 my son asked for a turtle but unfortunately santa can’t bring live animals…. oh well 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  17. I’ll happily take an extra 30% off my Kohls shopping cart! Not to mention the $350 to pay for it all, you are awesome!!!

  18. Wow! Didn’t know about the website and cash back! I do use the app.

  19. I am loving the Target gift card deal – because I am the mom who has done zero shopping and we all know that Target is the place where there is something for everyone including the wrapping paper and tape!

  20. The cvs 20 off 40 deal was awesome

  21. Stephanie Stefanoni

    I need to check out the BOGO deal on boots at Rack Room Shoes

  22. Walgreens photo discounts!!! SO helpful for last minute thoughtful gifts and all ready same day!!

  23. Elizabeth Rackliff

    I would love a card to target!!

  24. HI! I loved the lego deal that had 20% off. I just used it to buy a last minute gift!! Thanks for showing me the light 🙂

  25. I like all of the cash back deals, and extra savings at Target. Also, Domino’s is perfect because who wants to cook after a busy day of shopping and saving all that money!

  26. Loving the $20 off $40 at CVS! It’s a bit like Target, walk in for one thing and walk out $100 later! 🤑

  27. Elizabeth Rainey

    Amazon is the most convenient way for me to shop so that deal interests me.

  28. $20 off Old Navy. Love their clothes for my twins!

  29. Love the Toys R Us cash back for online purchases 💕💙💕

  30. Cash back from Toys R Us

  31. Toys R us is where it’s at this season you are hysterical feel like we could be friends hahaha 🤣🤣…mom of 2 crazy kids

  32. Oh…em…gee!!!! 😱 Retailmenot+Amazon+cash back…. I can’t even 🤩

  33. Best Buy!!!!!!!

  34. Kelly Hornbacher

    Best Buy would be cool.

  35. I am excited for Lowe’s save the tax! We are renovation our bathroom so any money we can save is a good thing!! Love your blogs, they are so funny!

  36. Love the discount e-gift cards!!

  37. I was able to use RetailMeNot to get cash back on a new refrigerator from Lowe’s!

  38. I’m an early intervention speech therapist, so I am super excited about getting the scoop on toy deals! I wish I knew about this before Christmas shopping!!

  39. Love using RetailMeNot!

  40. I was excited to see Wine Country because I have 4 kids, & two of them are 20 months old and 3 months old. 😳🍷But in all seriousness, probably Home Depot and Carters! Love Zoeys heart (& style)! Merry Christmas!

  41. I’m totally going to use the Christmas tree shops coupon! Awesome!

  42. Love This! And I gotta check out that app!

  43. I’m excited to use the coupon for 60% off st H & M! I really like the kids section there.

  44. Honesty, I’m 8 months pregnant so the Papa Johns coupon excites me the most. 😂😂😂

  45. $20 off of $40 at CVS is awesome…Xmas cards for the parents, plus stocking stuffers!

  46. 15% off site wide at toys r us is pretty awesome!

  47. Carter’s! We need some new clothes for both my girls – they’re growing way too fast!

  48. Hahahaha I love Zoey she’s got a spunky personality & a heart of gold!

  49. Did someone say free waffles??I love me some Waffle House! Especially when free waffles are involved! Did I mention free waffles??

  50. I guess the toys r us deal because ya know… my kids need more toys just like I need more carbs in my life. #Idontneedmorecarbs

  51. Babysideburns! I love you! I’m a mom of a 2 & 4 year old and I can’t get enough of your blogs! You are real and hilarious and make me feel good as a mom .. thanks for giving advice and keeping me laughing! My fav deal is the $20 back Toys r us for online shopping.. this is always good for Christmas !

  52. Courtney Robertson

    Super excited about gift card discounts (i’m looking at you, Starbucks) since that’s all I have left to do on my holiday shopping list!

  53. The 15% off Toys R Us!! Shopping for the kiddos, neices, nephews and friends kids all in a huge one stop shop. Thank you for this fabulous chance!

  54. I’m excited to use the bath and body 10 off 30!! They are having buy 3 get 4 free tomorrow and I need a few more gifts, and maybe something for myself 🙂

  55. With all.of the Holiday parties, I was vsry excited to see the Lyft discount for the rides.

  56. amazon!!!

  57. Southwest! Time to fly in back-up. My two preschoolers have been on a sugar high rollercoaster since Halloween.

  58. 15% off sitewide at Toys R Us will be great to use when finishing up my Christmas shopping!

  59. 50% off Papa John’s because food, duh 🙂

  60. Carters. Constantly buying baby clothes as I have little ones that come and go (foster mama). So anytime I can save a bit on their clothes is fantastic!

  61. Up to 70% off toys on Amazon, yee haw!

  62. Live the AMC deals for stocking stuffers!!!

  63. $10 off $30 at Bath and Body Works!

  64. Famous footwear I’m a tennis shoe junkie!! I just used retail me not today to save an extra $3 on tie dye crocs!

  65. Retailmenot is the best! I have been using it for years and don’t buy anything without checking it first! So glad you love it too! I’m super excited about all of the Snapfish deals-SO many photo gifts to make! Thank you!!!

  66. Retailmenot – always always check there before shopping! I like the Best Buy savings this time year.

  67. $20 off any regularly priced item at Best Buy is awesome. Their prices are already great and we exclusively purchase our video games and electronics there because of the awesome staff in our store. Thanks Baby Sideburns!

  68. I’m definitely gonna check out that $30 cash back from Home Depot. Because… man stuff.

  69. I love payless and they’re cheap shoes and a deal for 20% off is super awesome!!!

  70. CVS. We go through a lot of prescriptions, medical supplies and candy in this house

  71. Old navy deals

  72. $20 off $40 at CVS! We just got a CVS and I’m excited to use it!! I love all your posts!! Patiently waiting for more amazing books!!! I buy your books as soon as they are available.

  73. $20 off $40 at CVS is awesome.

  74. Love your posts, by the way! They are genuine and funny. ❤️
    Checked out retailmenot and it was quite interesting. I would of course choose Toysrus for the kids. Michaels for artsy stuff for the kids and maybe me.
    World market has the coolest stuff! So obviously there for family. Maybe me. Haha!
    Carters for our son, since he’s technically still “little”. *tears*
    And GameStop for my husband.
    And I’m hoping I would *actuslly* but myself something. Dreams do come true right? 😂

  75. Any of the deals that help me save with anything that is a must have is awesome! I love saving money!!!

  76. $20 off $40 at CVS! I can go eat all the last min things i need before the family comes for Christmas! Hello toilet paper and paper plates!!

  77. I love Amazon so I was excited to find Amazon on Retail Me Not! I use Retail Me Not alot but never knew Amazon was on it.

  78. Looking through the Best Buy deals to find a discount that will work on a Nintendo Switch.

  79. Love retailmenot!! The best buy coupon is so uncommon love what you can find here!

  80. I love Retail Me Not! I use it for Kohl’s and Old Navy coupons constantly. I’ll be using it tonight for snapfish calendars.. yay grandparent gifts done 🙂

  81. Amazon!

  82. Cash back at Home Depot. I have lots of projects!

  83. Pick one deal? I use this site all the time, can’t tell you how many times I found codes for free shipping (I HATE paying for shipping!!!) Or other discount codes!!

  84. I love all the deals & coupons for Bath and Bodyworks! My mom asked for a bunch of things from there for Christmas so this will help me save money (but look like I spent a lot and getting the favourite child)

  85. Courtney Rosenthal

    70% off Amazon?!?! I need it. Whatever it is. I need it! You could write my biography solely from reviewing my Amazon order history.

  86. You neglected to mention they have coupons for FOOD! Looks like papa John’s this weekend…

  87. Southwest – 1-Way Domestic Flight $99 or less! . We are heading to Disney next summer and would love to get a great deal on flights!

  88. I loved seeing a Payless Shoes coupon! It’s not cheap buying shoes for 3 growing kids!

  89. definitely the Khols – we can use some new bedding for our guest room in our new house 🙂

  90. Cheaper Container Store gift cards! I spend more there than I do at Target…

  91. 8% off of Starbucks Gift Card! More salted caramel mochas with extra drizzle and extra salt? Yes please!

  92. 20.00 off 40.00 from CVS! I buy lots of stocking stuffers there…and cold supplies since I have one that started preschool this year.

  93. I like the Kohl’s deal! I signed up now I have to figure out how to use it!!

  94. I always check my retail me app before making any purchases. Best saving app around! I literally had the same conversation with my son today. I was so tired of him saying, “I want”. I stressed the importance of being rich in love and life and not with stuff. Thanks for sharing; your posts always hit home.

  95. Thank you retail me not is an awesome way to save money

  96. Cash back from Dicks Sporting Goods! Love cash back!

  97. Wine 🍷

  98. Heather kriegler

    60% off J Crew. Their t-shirts are great for kids.

  99. I’m most excited about the $10 off $30 from Bath and Body Works! I am OBSESSED with their holiday scents like vanilla bean Noel and winter candy apple

  100. Marissa Bellerose

    I signed up!! Too many good deals to choose one favorite 😃👍 $20 off $40 at CVS or 15% off Toys R Us are at the top of my list though…

  101. Kohl, CVS, Old Navy oooh la la, so many amazing discounts!

  102. Bath and Body Works is my weakness and there’s a $10 of $30 coupon!

  103. The Dicks Sporting Goods one will be great since we need to buy two different pairs of cleats for the same kid this spring!

  104. Jennifer Murdoch

    Saw a deal for Verizon Fios! Which is great because we are moving into our first apartment next week… and momma needs her high speed internet at a reasonable price!

  105. I do the majority of my shopping online and have been using promo codes from Retail Me Not for at least a couple of years. They have so many great deals that I don’t think I could pick just one! I shop at Fingerhut, Ginny’s, and Wards quite often and I always go to Retail Me Not first to check out their deals!!! I love Zoey’s Santa letter and her eclectic sense of style. I only wish all kids had the same confidence!

  106. I love the Lancôme! I need new makeup!

  107. $20 off $40 or more at CVS! I need to finish up stocking stuffers! I also just love having all the deals available in my app wherever I go! I hate buying anything without checking to see if there is a deal or coupon that can help me save!

  108. 15% off Kohl’s!

  109. Since Best Buy is the last place I need to stop to finish up shopping 20% off is a great deal! Thanks!!

  110. Oh my goodness! My birthday is on 12/31, and I didn’t know that Moe’s SW Grill offers a free burrito. YAY!

  111. Toys R Us! Because it’s 10 days until Christmas and we have bought one thing for our kids. Procrastination at its finest!

  112. 30% off Kohls!! Love me some Kohls cash!!

  113. I check RetailMeNot before completing any online purchase. I save SO much money with the promo codes! I’m still trying to figure out the whole rebate thing because I’m an ebates user…but that just more looking and figuring out. I love it when I find 30% off codes for Kohls! 🙂

  114. I’m obsessed with purses and love the 50% off deal for Coach!

  115. What’s not to love?! 😍 ToysRUs Walgreen Express Target Amazon shall I go on!!

  116. $10 off Uber Eats with free delivery… I love saving time and money. Also, McDonalsd’s is on Uber Eats so I can get Egg McMuffins and Hash Browns delivered. Win/win!

  117. Kimberly Lessard-Lowe

    30%off at Kohl’s??? Woop! Sign me up! Because I would totally live there if they’d let me (do you think they’d let me? Probably not, right?) AND $10 for every $100 I spend? Yahoo! I’ll be Mommy Kohlsbucks!

  118. I check the app before I walk into the store so I know what is on sale or what discounts I get.

  119. Retail me not some American Eagle discount! My daughter is a tween now and no more justice 🙁

  120. I’m excited about the Best Buy offer because my husband is a BB junkie!!

  121. $15 off $50 at Old Navy!!!! My son wants nothing but clothes this year for Christmas and that will come in really handy! The CVS deal will be great for picking up stocking stuffers as well! Thanks for writing a blogpost about Retailmenot, I never would have downloaded the app and looked at it if it wasn’t for your post! Have a happy holiday and a fabulous New Year!

  122. @babysideburns… Thank you for sharing this info. I too, rely on savings from the retailmenot app ALL. THE. TIME. Love it!! I love the “Up to $20 cash back for online purchases” at Toys R Us. That means I can get more sh*t for my little aholes, eh hem I mean “angels”. Haha Happy Holidays & Happy Hanukkah to you & your family!✡️🕎🎄🎁

  123. I like the – Extra 15% Off $50+ for New Customers at walgreens.

  124. Uber eats! $10 off and free delivery?!? Love it!

  125. Great deals! Amazon, Best Buy, ToysRUs. Gotta finish this Christmas shopping!

  126. I love the cash back option! I’ve used retail me not for a few years now but keep forgetting to check for deals!

  127. I was excitedly to see the Lancôme custom free color design 5 pan eyeshadow + free shipping because my mom loves Lancôme. She has been really sick and in and out of the hospital since she had surgery in April and she has now been home from the hospital for about a month. I can tell that she’s finally starting to feel better because she’s actually beginning to show interest in her appearance again. It’s very exciting and I would love to get her some new makeup!

    P.S. – I have never posted a comment before so I would also just like to let you know that I love your blog and have read every one. I’m a single mom to a 3 year old boy and your blog helps to remind me that every parent has difficulty and helps me as the humor in the difficult times. I get very excited when I see a new post show up in my email!! Thank you for your humor and honesty!!

  128. So, I go to Retail Me Not to see what kind of deals there are, and maybe because I was so inspired by your post, or maybe because I had consumed two Christmas Ales, I typed in, “Corn snake.” I didn’t want a corn snake, personally, I just wanted to see how broad a range this website really had. The AI (Artificial Intelligence, for everyone who needs a translation because they don’t have a smart a*s teenager to guide them through millennial lingo) didn’t understand “corn snake” and instead gave me the following options that it thought were close: 1) ruffle snake mini micro thong. If it’s mini and micro, will you ever find it once you put it on? 2) Corn accessories. What would this be? Stalks? Extra kernels? 3) BBQ roasted corn nuts. FYI–corn is not a nut, even when you roast it. In any case, it doesn’t even matter because nearly everything was more than 50% off. Again, I had already consumed two Christmas Ales so my thought process may have been a little compromised. Either way, I decided to enter your contest because the thought of getting my husband $350 of roasted nuts, corn or otherwise, seemed pretty damned funny. I wonder if they have deals on more Christmas Ale?

  129. 40% off Shutterfly
    Oh and BTW you’re doing a great job raising your kids. Setting a great example for us other moms!!

  130. So many amazing deals! I never so online without checking Retailmenot for a coupon!

  131. Kohl’s 30% off since my coupon I got in the mail was only 15%.

  132. Love you Baby Side Burns! Been following you a while. The offer I like most is $20 off $40 at CVS. I’ll probably head over there tomorrow because of this deal! Lol 🙂

  133. Starbucks holiday coffees! I need all the coffee to get through the holidays!!

  134. Zoe is so thoughtful! You’re raising one generous little girl!!! The amazon deal is amazeballs!!!! Thank you for sharing this you’re gonna save my bank account from some serious hurting!!!! I didn’t even know retail me not existed, where the hell have I been?? This is gonna save me another annual dreaded lecture, from my fiancée, on the Ole “spend less money” subject. Lol, I am seriously too excited! Thank you baby sideburns 😘

  135. I like the idea of a Southwest Airlines gift card. Givr the gift of travel!

  136. Liking the $20 off $40 plus at
    Love your posts! 😀

  137. Bath and Body Works is handy for stocking stuffers.

  138. Always love the Kohl’s coupon codes o find on RetailMeNot

  139. Up to $20 cash back at Toys R Us? Yes please! something’s 70% off at Amazon? I’m sure I need whatever it is! Love saving money!

  140. I’ve used Retailmenot before, but I didn’t realize I could sign up. And it didn’t occur to me that I could use it for Target! Yay!

  141. I love $20 off $40 plus at CVS. That’s an awesome deal for Christmas stocking stuffers or ad one to gifts.

  142. Target $5 off $50. We all know how easy it is to spend $50.. Must be the bullseye lol!

  143. Ummm… the Bath & Body deal because no matter how many times I give those turds my email address, my coupons are never this good!

  144. Ohhh Starbucks!! I work in an emergency dispatch center and my coworkers and I are fueled by Starbucks! I’m sure the $350 would buy A LOT of Starbucks especially with the discount 😉

  145. 40% off at Chico’s! That shizz is expensive and I’ve got to get my mother in law something for Christmas 😂

  146. I am a CVS gal. The deal was awesome! Love Baby Sideburns!

  147. Starbucks 30% off gifts and holiday coffee to get some teacher gifts! Love reading your posts!

  148. Elizabeth Ceranowski

    You had me at Wine Country. Bwahahahahahaha!

  149. I always find a great Kohls code on their site! Just found one for Starbucks gifts I am getting ready to use too!

  150. I love a good deal! Especially with LOTS of shopping left to do! Amazon, Kohl’s, Bath and Body….lots of places to go!

  151. Hands down- cost plus world market. I could live there actually. No seriously, they have everything I love, except my kids. 🙂

  152. Derwent pencils via Amazon is what I’m asking Santa for….

  153. Needing stocking stuffers so that $20 off 40 at CVS will be great!!

  154. Just got some awesome coupons for Shutterfly for my Christmas cards (yes I know I’m late). Love using Retailmenot to save money.

  155. CVS is great for stocking stuffers…pretty sure I can spend $40+ to get $20 off!

  156. Amanda Biesbroeck

    All of the baby store discounts! Expecting our third in February!!

  157. I love the coupons and coupon codes!!! It’s great to have it all in one place.

  158. Realllly loving th Vickie’s buy one bra get one 50% off, bc man are they comfy but $$&!! Also Loving the coupons from Bath and Body works, especially bc all of my BBW is running out!!

  159. I use this app all the time. Just used it tonight for JC Penney. Love Kohls offers the most!

  160. Kristin Christensen

    I’ll use the JoAnn’s coupons to buy jars for an adult drink we are making for friends’ gifts!! Thank you!

  161. I’ll take the $20 off $40+ at CVS!!

  162. The $20 off $40 at CVS sounds like an awesome deal!

  163. I’m excited by everything. I’m a teacher and we love good deals!! ☺

  164. $20 off $40+ at CVS sounds great, especially around Christmas since they have excellent stocking stuffers, candy & last minute gifts!

  165. Bogo boots from rackroom! you can never have too many boots

  166. I can’t wait to use the $10 of $30 at Bath and body works! Perfect for teacher gifts

  167. Love the Kohl’s discount! Thank you for letting me know about this site

  168. I have some shopping to do at Kohl’s so that 30% off jumped out at me! P.S. you have kick a*s kids. Zoey is my hero 😊

  169. Kohl’s 30% off with the card – I’m shopping right now!

  170. I use that site All the time for coupons but didn’t know we could get money back too!! I’m excited for the 30% off at Kohl’s!

  171. SO excited about RetailMeNOT!!!! I think the Kohl’s is the best for me. Growing kid and mama needs cool stuff too. 🙂

  172. All the Shutterfly coupons listed! It’s hard to keep track of what’s available w/Shutterfly at any given time, this is helpful!

  173. $10 off of Uber Eats! Perfect, I’m starving.

  174. I was so happy to see that Michaels was on there!! I’m going to have to start using this site. Thank you Babysidburns!!!

  175. 20% off best buy is exactly what I needed!

  176. 30% off Kate Spade!!!! Because mommy needs a gift too

  177. $15 cash back at D**k’s. My kid only wants under armour since that’s what Steph wears!!!

  178. A discount on Starbucks gift cards? Sign me up! My Christmas needs a little falalala latte.

  179. I’ve been hearing a ton about retailmenot. I’m excited to check out deals for any of the airlines, I’d love to be able to go visit my family in Arizona for the first time in a couple years and tickets are so expensive. I’m also always excited for anything amazon because I spend way too much money there

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  183. Stephanie Lozano

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  188. 50% of pizza! Fuel for holiday shopping. Haha 😁

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  194. 1. BOGO Yankee Candles @Target-sold!
    2. You’re flippin hilarious!
    3. You’re daughter is awesome.

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  209. Forever 21 has a great deal

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    My favorite deal is the Barnes & Noble 30% off, because they have lots of things besides books.

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  239. It’s so great of you to promote Retailmenot but all the “deals” are available within the store websites. I wished there was something unique. Thanks babysideburns for ur humor as that’s always the best gift. My kids are 17, 16 & 13 and they amaze me every day. I still shop at the dollar store for some of their gifts! Too bad the other gifts are way out of control 🤪 but blessed to have them in my life.

  240. 20 percent off bed bath and beyond dying for one of those cool insta pots that make meals easier … Man life gets tough going to schooland working and coming home to cook something for 3 boys and a husband

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  242. Old Navy! I’d like to try out their leggings

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  255. I am about as random as they get! Merry Christmas.

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  261. My favorite RetailMeNot deal today is 50% the entire site, Snapfish! I love it, not thinking about what is or isn’t on sale because it all is!

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  268. I’m a single mom of 3, and unable to afford much. 2 girls in college and a 16 yr old son. Neither of my kids ask for much because they know it’s not there. They may not always get what they want, but always have what they need. They are amazing! You are raising your kids to also be amazing (I was their Girl Scout leader for 9 yrs!). The website was great! Any discounts help me, even just a little bit!

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