Woohooo, at this rate I’m gonna be stress-free and have a thigh gap by March!! Not. (with a special offer from Care/of!!)

This is the year! I am 100% committed to all of my New Year’s resolutions!! By March I’m going to have beautiful skin, less anxiety, respect at the carpool line, and be one of those women who’s so skinny I have to worry about my cell phone accidentally falling between my thighs into the toilet. A problem I’m willing to have.

But alas…

Yup, total failure. Again. I’m so mad because I was doing soooo well the first week. I was on a roll. But then I wanted a roll. And some chocolate. And then one morning my rugrats took 9 hours to put their shoes on and I turned into a Tasmanian devil and no amount of yoga was gonna bring me back. Sigh. But wait, there is ONE resolution I haven’t broken yet. Look at what I’m holding in BOTH of these pictures.

My Care/of vitamins! See those cute little packets with my name on them? They have all my daily vitamins! (And yes this is sponsored, but you guys know I only promote stuff I really like.) I mean sure, I’m breaking like 16 resolutions by wearing plaid pajama pants with a striped shirt out in public, but what matters is that I have now remembered to take my Care/of vitamins every day for two weeks in a row. Wha-WHAT?!!

I can just grab a packet on my way out of the house!

Hop on over to the Care/of website and take a FUN QUIZ for free and they’ll show you what kind of vitamins will help you achieve your goals. Like my hair’s been thinning and my nails are super brittle so they sent me B-complex vitamins to help. I also told them I care about my brain (or what’s left of it) and my skin so they suggested Astaxanthin. It’s like having your own personal nutritionist (who doesn’t tell you not to eat rolls and chocolate and wine).

Are you ready for the best part?!! Care/of has agreed to give Baby Sideburns readers 50% off your first month with my special promo code BABYSIDEBURNS. I meannnnn, helllloooo, that’s HALF PRICE!! In the least go take the quiz since it’s fun and free and then you can decide.

Anyways, another year of resolutions down the drain. Well, at least I can go to bed at night feeling good that I stuck to one of them.


Just one.

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  1. Meg at 12:47 pm

    …and you convinced me to try the vitamin packs! I will give it a try. I am terrible at taking supplements; maybe this will help me stay on track!

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