The Badass Gift Guide of Awesome Stuff People will actually Like and Use

I mean I’m pretty sure the title of this post says it all, but in case you need more, here is a list of awesome stuff that kids, moms and dads are actually going to want to get this holiday season. Because it’s hard to figure out new and exciting shit to get every year. Just click on the pictures and it’ll take you directly to where you can learn more and buy them. Easy peasy.


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Ten reasons I’m thankful to live in America

This is a post I started to write a few months ago, but never got the chance to finish. Who knows, maybe someone interrupted me or maybe I sneezed and wet my pants and had to go do another load of laundry. Anyways, I finally got a chance to come back and finish it, and this seems like the perfect week to share it. Thanksgiving week. It is a great reminder of all the things that were true earlier this year and still true right now. So here goes. The post I wrote a few months ago but finally finished today:

America F’ing rocks. Sure, I know there are serious problems here and not everything is all hunky dory by a long stretch, but there are like a thousand times a week that I’m telling my kids they’re lucky they live here. And here are ten of them.

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Dear hubby, can we talk about, ummm, your poop?

Dear  hubby, as much as I lovvvvve you and really don’t want to change you at all, I would like to humbly BEG you to change a few of your pooping habits. Here goes.

1. If you poop, flush twice. Don’t think twice, FLUSH twice. Because your poops, my dear, are man poops, and you should be proud that your poops are so manly that they need to be flushed two times. Own that MAN poop.

2. If a little of your poo sticks to the bowl, please take care of it. I know you think your poo spots “magically” disappear after a few flushes, but the only reason they go away is because yours F’ing truly wads up an entire roll of toilet paper and squeamishly wipes them off the side of the bowl. And then I scrub my hands so much with soap you can literally see my bones.

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Ten reasons I CHOOSE to look like crap

1. I’d rather wear elastic waistband pants. And I don’t mean yoga pants that suck you in in all the right places. I mean pants that let you sag, droop, jiggle, ripple, expand and be comfortable in all the wrong places.

2. I’d rather keep eating chocolate and pizza and my kids’ leftover French fries. Even if it means I look like a hormonal teenager who got a facial in a deep fryer. Priorities, people.

3. I only wear ugly flats and sneakers. Because honestly, if I wanted to hurt my feet, I would just walk around my house barefoot and step on Legos.

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We really need to do something about this panhandler


Dear man who was just talking to me at the coffee shop,

Wow, I love when random people come up to me and just start talking about stuff. You learn so much about people that way. Just a few sentences later, I feel like I know exactly who you are. You just told me that the panhandler sitting outside is bad for business and making people uncomfortable. You said the manager should do something about it. Well, I totally agree. They absolutely need to do something. But I’m pretty sure my idea of “do something” is a little different than your idea of “do something.”

Your idea of “do something” involves kicking him off the bench. Telling him to go ask for money somewhere else. Making him leave so people like you can be less uncomfortable.

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I am a woman, I have a vote, and I am not giving it to you


Dear presidential candidate,

I have a daughter. I have a mother. I have a sister. I have a vote. And I am not giving it to you.

I’ve seen the things you say. The way you’ve spoken about women, minorities, people’s bodies, and people with disabilities. That’s the way bullies act. They look for the person on the playground who seems too weak to fight back. Well, guess what? We aren’t weak.

Our whole lives we’ve been oppressed in ways you’ll never understand in your rich white man’s world. You’ll never know what it feels like to realize that someone is staring at your boobs instead of your PowerPoint presentation. Or what it feels like to have a group of guys start calling out vulgarities to you on the street. Or what it feels like to tell your boss you’re pregnant and know he’s thinking, “that’s inconvenient.” Or what it feels like to make less money for doing the same job as other people. Or what it feels like to be called the weaker sex. You’ll never know what it feels like to be a woman.

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Kids who do chores are less likely to grow up to be a-holes

So here’s the thing. Cinderella turned out to be awesome and her stepsisters grew up to be a-holes. Wanna know why? Chores. Yup, after Cinderella’s mom died and Muffy McGolddigger put the moves on her daddy, poor little Cindy was forced to do everything around the house. The dishes, the floors, the windows, etc etc etc.

And I know her stepmom was a total bitchmonkey and wasn’t trying to mold her into good human being on purpose, but that is exactly what happened. Because kids who have to do chores and help around the house develop a little sumpin’ called a work ethic. I mean just the other day I read this article and the freshman dean of Stanford was going on and on about how the one thing we can do to help our children is give them chores. I was like YES.

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If that little switch inside my head flips, watch the F out

Inside my head there is a switch. Seriously, just take an x-ray and you’ll see it in there. And when someone won’t put their shoes on, or won’t go use the potty, or leaves a Lego on the stairs and I accidentally impale my foot on it, that switch might get flipped. And if that happens, WATCH THE F OUT. There is no going back. Anything you do will be wrong and you will piss me off and the fiery hell of my wrath will rain down upon you like red-hot embers.

It might last a few seconds, or a few minutes, or however long it takes for everyone to scurry away like cockroaches when you turn the light on. At some point later, the switch will flip back, and I’ll go back to my normal peaceful loving self, and I will feel incredibly guilty for losing it earlier.

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Why I let my seven year-old pick out her own clothes and look like a crazy person sometimes (with a special offer from!!)

ME: Zoey, get dressed.

ZOEY: I don’t know what to wear.

ME: You have a closet full of clothes. Just pick something.

(I come back two minutes later and she’s standing in the exact same spot.)

ME: Zoey, please get dressed. And don’t forget to put on new underwear. Continue reading

A bunch of things I do that my hubby doesn’t appreciate because he probably doesn’t even know I do them

Okay, so I have an awesome husband. Like he totally kicks ass, and if I ask him to do something like pack a lunch or toss the laundry into the dryer, he’ll do it without complaint. But that’s the problem. I have to ask him. Urrrggghhh, it is SOOOOOO annoying. And half the time I end up asking him in a super passive-aggressive way with a noticeable eye roll.

Husbands are clueless (gross generalization but I guarantee most of you are nodding your heads). Not because they’re genuinely stupid or anything. They’re just wired differently. It would never occur to my husband to ask for a gift receipt, or to pick up my daughter’s skating costume, or to dress Holden in a decent shirt because it’s picture day. It’s not his fault really. I’m pretty sure it’s a physiological difference between men and women. But I end up doing like 99% of the shit around here (I’m totally exaggerating, it’s more like 95%) just because lots of stuff occurs to me that never even occurs to him.

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