The TOTALLY EPIC Gift Guide for Teens and Tweens

You know that saying “bigger kids, bigger problems?” Well, that applies to holiday gifts too. Because teens and tweens pretty much only want two things—electronics and money. But as a mom, I like to put PRESENTS under the tree. But WTF do you buy them?!! Especially boys.

Well my friends, I have a secret weapon. She’s 14 and knows a lot of teenagers.  I asked my secret weapon what teenagers want, and she gave me LOTS of ideas, so I took her suggestions and a few of my own and I made a massive, totally EPIC teens and tweens gift guide with 129 items. And here are a few of my favorites. As always, all pictures are clickable, and I am an Amazon Associate and can earn from qualifying purchases. Thank you so much for looking!!!!


And if you want to see the whole EPIC gift guide with 129 gift ideas for teens and tweens, just click here!!

And if you want to check out my more generic gift guide for all ages, click here!!

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There are 3 comments for this article
  1. Karen at 6:42 pm

    Your gift guides are always the best! I have bought many cool gifts from them over the years!

  2. Lyn Herrmann at 11:36 pm

    Well I bought my daughter the VR off your gift guide last year and I totally regret it. She’s loud. I hear loud kids. I still love you though.