I love working with brands and they love working with me. If you’re a brand who wants to work with me, please email me at BabySideburns2@gmail.com. My team will be happy to provide you with information about my blog as well as my rates. 

A little about Baby Sideburns and sponsored posts:

Baby Sideburns doesn’t just have followers. It has engagement. It is a community of almost a half million people (95% women, most of them moms between the ages of 25-34) who like, comment on, share, and absorb my authentic posts. I take great pride in my sponsored work and try to make it as engaging as my non-sponsored posts, which is why my sponsors have come back time and time again to partner with me. Less than 10% of my posts are sponsored, and my audience trusts me because they know I only work with brands I truly believe in.

Some of the brands I’ve worked with: