Welcome to my blog and thanks for having even the teeniest bit of interest in who I am, or for accidentally clicking on the about section. Besides being the ridiculously hairy, self-deprecating writer of this blog, I’m a freelance copywriter in the Chicago area. Before moving to Chicago, I worked for almost fifteen years in two national ad agencies… until I was promoted to mommy.

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15 Responses to About

  1. Tanya Buchanan

    Love the Blog Karen!

  2. Hi Karen, I love the blog. Marc wants to see it so I’m going to give you his email address so that he can sign up, if it’s ok with you. With both of you having new baby boys, I thought it would be fun for him.
    As the mom of a very colicky son, about 100 years ago, I can assure you, eventually you will get some sleep – until you have teenagers!


  3. Ha ha, thanks Beth! I love more subscribers so absolutely. The more the merrier, especially other parents who are sleeping as little as I am. And last but not least, congratulations!

  4. I tried to subscribe in my RSS feeder but it won’t let me see the articles and the links never work. :(

  5. Kristin, go to facebook and join Baby Sideburns there. You’ll get everything. This is the old site. Thanks for reading!

  6. I’m sitting on my couch with my 3 month old strapped to me in one of those pouch carrier things, and your blog posts have entertained me for the past hour. What you’re saying is exactly what I’m thinking …. Thank god I’m not the only one! Great read, thanks for sharing!

  7. I have done several “spit takes” with my red wine reading this on a Friday night while my husband watches “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.” I love it!

  8. I don’t even HAVE a kid, and this shit is hilarious! I have gone through ALL of your archives and liked your FB page.
    Of course, I don’t want kids now, but I don’t think that I did anyhow ;P

  9. Hi Karen,
    I just love the way make fun of things. You are awesome. I have followed you on Twitter. Hope you follow back.

    Keep it up. Cheers.


  10. Great blog! I’m a first time mom of a 3 week old and love your sense of humor!

  11. Love your blog and I’m wondering if I can buy your book in Canada anywhere???

  12. Help! I loved your post of “going-from-one-kid-to-two” It was my theme in 2012. I cant find it anywhere. i saved the link to your old blog, but that doesnt work anymore.

  13. Baby Sideburns, I love you but I have to ask…. why are there so many places to find you? I can’t keep tabs on all your blogs! Can’t you just have one? I’m going to miss something!

    - you have this blog right here
    - you have the ChicagoNow one
    - you have your Facebook page
    -you have a Youtube Channel
    -You are on Pinterest

    And none of them seem to intermingle!

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