I let my hubby pack us for vacation and you’re gonna die of laughter when you see what he packed!! (with a chance to win $250 from thredUP!!!!)


ME: I am soooo NOT looking forward to packing the whole family for our vacation.

HUBBY: Want me to do it?

Grrrrrr. The only reason he offers to pack is to get brownie points because he knows there’s no way I would ever let him pack for us. Why? Because I prefer spending our vacation on the beach hanging out, and NOT in the nearest store buying allllllll the stuff he forgot to bring. Well, guess what? This time I’m calling his bluff.

ME: Okay.

HUBBY: What?

ME: Okay, you can pack for us.

HUBBY: Uhhhhh.

The look on his face is hysterical.

ME: Awww, don’t worry, you can do it. Here’s the packing list I’ve been writing if it’ll help. See ya later! Good luck!!

Anyways, as much as I love having some time to myself, it was super hard to let him just pack alone and not check the suitcase at all, but I did it. Don’t get me wrong, I packed my own stuff (including all of my new ADORABLE clothes I ordered from thredUP, and yes this is sponsored, so keep reading for a chance to win a $250 SHOPPING SPREE from thredUP!!), but I let him do all the packing for himself and the kids. And then we went on our trip.

And when we got there, I opened up the luggage. Holy crap, I just about died when I saw what he packed. Prepare yourself, my friends. And by prepare yourself, I mean strap on an adult diaper or read this on the toilet because you might pee in your pants when you see some of the stuff my hubby packed for vacation.

Oh wait a sec, before I show you, let’s talk about my badass sponsor for this post…

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This time I wanted to get some cute dresses for our upcoming vacation because practically every dress I own is B.Z. (Before Zoey). So I went shopping (in my fat pants on my couch!!) and then I sat at the door like a dog waiting for the mailperson.

ME: When is it going to get here?!!!!

HUBBY: You just ordered it two minutes ago.

ME: What’s taking so long?!!!

It took every ounce of willpower not to tackle the mailperson when I saw her walking up the path with the box. Even the box is stylish!

I think angels might have sung (sang???) when I opened it. I packed my new things into my suitcase, and felt so pretty wearing them on vacation. See?!!

As I always, I loved shopping at ThredUP. They even tell you the condition of each item before you order it, like they’ll say this dress is in such great shape, you might think it’s brand new, or they’ll tell you if there’s a little fading. I love how honest they are. Sometimes the original tags are even attached!

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Annnnnd nowwww, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Okay, are you ready to see some of the hilarious items my hubby packed? For the most part, he did a great job following my packing list. For the MOST part.

This is what the list looked like AFTER he used it. Uhhhh, not a single check mark or cross out. I can just picture him looking at the first item on the list, running downstairs to get it, running back upstairs to pack it, looking at the next item on the list, running downstairs to the exact same place to get it, back upstairs again to pack it, and so and so on.

Anyways, like I said, he did a great job packing MOST of the things on the list, with a few exceptions. May I present the first hilarious item I unpacked?

Well, thank God we have this with us, you know, in case Zoey decides to enter any gymnastics competitions on vacation. #notabathingsuit

And #2.

I mean duhhhh, why wouldn’t we need winter hats in Florida in July? Brrrrr, it’s a freezing cold 92 degrees today. I guess it’s my fault for not writing SUMMER hats on our list.

OMGEEE, I think this one might be my favorite one of all.

You’re probably like WHAT is this? I was too when I found it at the bottom of our suitcase. And then I realized what it is. Noooo, he did NOT actually pack this. Oh yes, yes he did. I wrote “do not forget cat food” on my list (as in do not forget to leave out food for our cat that’s staying in our house while we’re gone), and my hubby PACKED cat food. In our suitcase. Thank God we have food for our cat that is 1200 miles away.

Awwww, but wait, he actually did pack something for me. How thoughtful.

Bwhahahahaha. We are sleeping in the same room as our kids!! If we “do it” (big IF) it’s gonna be quiet and pitch black so we DON’T scar our kids for life. But hey, it’s the thought that counts, even if it’s not his brain that he’s thinking with.

And last but NOT least. Definitely not least.

Yup, found this in the luggage. Lemme ask you a question. If you saw “bug spray” on the list, would you think maybe it meant to bring a bottle of something to fend off mosquitoes in Florida in July? I kid you not. He saw bug spray and brought THIS.

So there you go. Will I let my hubby pack us again for vacation? Yes. If I’m stuck under a huge boulder and physically can’t get out to do it.

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  1. Melissa Gory at 10:13 am

    Hilarious! Oh my, the Raid and kitty kibble… yes, it would be a similar stretch for me to allow my hubs to pack – but I need to eventually… working on my being a “refined” type A… good job!

    Sooooo much cute stuff there! I’ve wanted to try it for a while… I’ve a list of what looks splendid, but’ll just post one. They’ve an orange thing going now, too – my favorite color (took pity on it years ago because of the rhyming thing, then realized orange just made me happy…)


  2. Beth Deschenes Graeff at 10:29 am

    Omg. I’m crying. The cat food and the bug spray are just too much to be believed. I know your husband…I know he’s not dumb. We went to a pretty good school. So why does he pack like he’s Amelia Bedelia?? Thanks so much for the laugh. ????

  3. Ashley Rawlings at 10:32 am

    Pretty sure my husband would have done the same thing lol. Needed that laugh this morning, thank you!

    I have never heard of this site, but super cute stuff. This dress is adorable! Could definitely uses some new work and non work staples, since most of mine are before kids too. It’s always hard to justify spending on yourself once kids come in the picture 😉

  4. Stephanie McCammon at 10:55 am

    Omg I am dying laughing! I needed this laugh! I’ve been in a slump lately and nothing I do has helped get me out – but this, this has at least pulled me out of it enough to finish putting this laundry away that’s been staring at me judgingly for the past week.. okay two weeks. None of them, cute clothes for me.
    I really love this swimsuit top for 2 reasons. 1. I haven’t had a cute swimsuit in years. 2. I have been working my a** off to the bone to feel comfortable with my body and have yet to reward myself or be able to show off my accomplishments. The matching bottoms would be nice to have, but they’re reserved and I have some shorts I could use with it instead. My self esteem needs this! You rock, thank you!

  5. Amanda D at 10:55 am

    I love this coach bag! It’s so sparkly! And don’t feel bad to your husband. I packed us up for a trip to the waterpark….. And forgot to pack hubby’s swim trunks LOL

  6. Laura at 12:19 pm

    Hilarious. I’m always tempted to let my husband actually pack, but the control freak in me always wins! And love those dresses you got! Would love to try thred up-I’m in a slump after just having baby #2.

  7. Chris Kersten at 2:49 pm

    I was laughing so hard I cried!! My kids told me to “stop laughing”!! I will def be showing my hubby this article!! ??

  8. Kanadiangirl at 3:11 pm

    The red dress suits you best of all! And this is the funniest post EVER!

  9. Michelle at 4:17 pm

    I was laughing so hard at this because it’s as if you were writing about MY husband! Hahaha I seriously laughed until it hurt when I got to the Raid can! Omg! Men! ????.

  10. Cenda Baker at 2:50 am

    I ? you in the red one, so whimsical. But I ??? the 1st one, you look so amazing ? my jaw just dropped, wow. ” Go Hubby, that’s your girlfriend”?!

  11. Jennifer at 1:05 pm

    Ohhh, that is so cool! I’m gonna have to remember that when it’s time to get rid of some of my stuff! I LOVE this dress -https://www.thredup.com/product/women-design-history-casual-dress/27142289?sizing_id=926%2C829 ❤

  12. Stina Booth at 8:06 pm

    I don’t want any clothes but this post made me laugh so effing hard!! Thanks!