Dear Harvey Weinstein


Dear Harvey Weinstein,

This is a letter to thank you. Yup, you probably didn’t think I was going to say that. These days I’ll bet most of the letters you’re getting are F.U. letters. But not me. I would like to say thank you.

All this time, we thought we were going to remember you for incredible movies like Pulp Fiction and Shakespeare in Love and The English Patient, but nope, we were wrong. Your legacy is going to be way more impactful than that. Because you are single-handedly changing the country in ways we only dreamed of.

Thanks to you, hundreds of thousands of young women will go to work tomorrow knowing that it is not okay for their bosses to rub their shoulders. Or to call a meeting in a hotel room. Or to undress her with his eyes. Or his hands. Or to pressure her to do anything that makes her feel uncomfortable.

Thanks to you, hundreds of thousands of young women in college will say “no” a little more forcefully next time.

Thanks to you, mothers like me will have important conversations with our daughters and make sure they know that their dignity is worth a lot more than any job. And conversations with our sons about what is absolutely NOT okay.

Thanks to you, men who were scumbags yesterday will reconsider being scumbags tomorrow. Some. Some will still act like scumbags, but at least people might say something next time. The victims and the bystanders. People who might have been quiet before.

Thanks to you, good men are stepping up to the plate and apologizing for not saying something earlier.

Thanks to you, thousands of women are speaking up and telling their stories and reaching down to the younger generations to warn them about dangers that are lurking ahead. And to teach them that sometimes predators don’t wear ski masks waiting to pounce in dark alleys. Sometimes they wear three-piece suits and hang out in corner offices.

Thanks to a disgusting, revolting, lecherous, sick, pathetic, filthy pig like you, things are changing.

So thank you, Harvey Weinstein. Thank you for being so unbelievably disgusting that we will talk about this for years.

A woman/daughter/mother who says never again

P.S. F.U.

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  1. Mary Furlong at 10:04 pm

    Brava! The only thing I disagree with is calling him a pig. Pigs are extremely smart, cute, and loving animals, which Weinstein is not! I prefer to call him something nasty, evil, and dangerous…a mosquito! I hate mosquitos!

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