Oh noooo, look what happened to our playroom (sponsored by Ashley HomeStore!!)

It happened last fall. We were eating family dinner in our new kitchen when Zoey started leaning back in her chair. I swear I’ve told her 9000 times not to do it, but this time guess what happened? SNAPPPP!!!! The leg to the chair cracked right in half and the entire chair crashed to the ground. Bwhahahahahah, uhhh, I mean, are you okay sweetie pie? I knew she was because she managed to jump up as it was happening.

But honestly, I was pisssssed. I had literally just bought these chairs. AGGGHHH, this is why we can’t have nice things!! And I was really angry and threatened that I was gonna make her pay me back for the chair. And she started bawling, and let’s just say it was not one of our finer moments. Either of us.

So I made a vow right then and there. I was not going to redo anything else in our house until the kids grow up and move out. So naturally guess what happened next? Just a few days later, I was walking in the playroom, when my socks went like this: SQUISHHHHH. Hmmm, that’s weird. I don’t remember spilling a giant bucket of water down here.

Nope, worse. Two GIANT cracks in our foundation. See?

You can probably guess what word came out of my mouth. I’ll give you a hint. It rhymes with puck. But imagine it in all caps with a lot of exclamation marks after it and repeated many MANY times.

The whole downstairs had to be redone. I mean luckily it kinda needed it. The carpet was covered in Pedialyte vomit stains…

…and the walls were plastered in stickers that wouldn’t peel off…

… and there was still the lingering odor from a four-year-old sippy cup of milk that had turned into cottage cheese that I found in there last year. But I was not ready to redo it AT ALL. The last thing I needed was another room to freak out in every time the kids do something to destroy it.

So it got me thinking. As much as this was my chance to make a big gorgeous family room that I can show off, there was something else I wanted more. I wanted a room that we could LIVE in. I didn’t want it to be a room that makes me freak out every time my kids act like kids. Or goats. Or orangutans.

So I made a list of things I want in the new room. Not things like a big sectional or a pretty fireplace or a beautiful paint color. A list of things I REALLY want.

  • I want people to be able to eat down there without me standing below them picking up every crumb they drop.
  • I want people to be able to drink what they want down there. Chocolate milk. Red wine. Even Hershey’s syrup. Whatta you mean that’s not a drink? I drink it all the time.
  • I want the kids to be able to make a mess and leave it until we get around to cleaning it up.
  • I want a place to display their Lego creations because I’m tired of hearing a tantrum every time one gets broken.
  • I want carpet (PRAY it doesn’t flood again) so the kids can invite lots of friends to sleep over and they’re not limited by the number of beds we have.
  • I want a room we can be loud in, whether my hubby is blaring an action movie or the kids are jamming out in a rock band (jamming out, I sound like I’m 900-years-old).
  • I want a family room. Like a REAL family room that is comfortable for ALL of us.

I was almost done making my list when something crazy happened. My phone rang.

ME: Hello?

CALL: Hey Baby Sideburns, this is Ashley HomeStore. 

ME: Hey AH, what’s shakin’?

CALL: We’re wondering whether maybe you wanna work together and decorate a room in your house?

ME: (jaw drops) Holy crap.

I kid you not. This happened. The same week we discovered the flood. And Ashley HomeStore helped me turn this…

… into this:

Yes, that is the SAME room. Unbelievable, right?

I mean yeah it’s gorgeous, but more important than that, it’s FUNCTIONAL. Like here’s some of the stuff it has:

Cool adjustable barstools to sit on when we’re watching sports games on the TV

A special kids area just for the orangutans

A million throws for when my hubby won’t turn up the thermostat

VERY stain proof carpet that can repel everything from Pedialyte vomit to sibling rivalry blood stains

A coffee table that lifts up so my hubby and I can have nice romantic TV dinners together

A display shelf for LEGOs and games that I have anchored to the wall so much that King Kong could climb it and it wouldn’t fall over

Plenty of poufs to use as footrests or extra seating or playground equipment

And so much more!!!!

And sometimes it looks like this…

But usually it looks like this…

And they’re both okay. Because it’s a family room. Not a museum. And it’s not supposed to make me constantly freak out. It’s supposed to make me happy. No wait, it’s supposed to make ALL OF US happy. Now THAT is a family room.

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  1. Kate at 11:14 am

    Love it all! Ashley is my favorite. I have a furniture wishlist larger than my Ashley credit card could ever hold. Closing on our house in 29 days!

  2. Karen Seibert at 12:13 pm

    Beautiful makeover! Lots of fun memories await your family. One thought: make sure all shelving, cabinets, etc. are securely affixed to walls so they cannot tip over and injure anyone.

    • BabySideburns at 12:30 pm

      Thanks Karen! I totally agree. I anchored the heck out of the big bookcase. King Kong could climb that thing and it would stay bolted.

  3. Emily H at 12:32 pm

    What kind of carpet is that?? I REALLY need some super awesome carpet since I have a crazy 4 year old, super filthy mechanic husband, and run an animal rescue! I need SUPER stain resistant, tough carpet that can really take a beating. lol.

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