A letter to every woman who’s ever run to be the President of the United States

Dear every woman who’s ever run to be the President of the United States,

So this morning my daughter was sitting at the counter eating her breakfast and do you know what she said? Randomly out of nowhere she announced, “One day I’m going to be the President of the United States.” She didn’t say, “One day I’m going to run,” or “One day I want to be.” She said, “I am GOING TO BE.” She fully believes that she can run and win and be an awesome President.

So I’d like to say thank you. Thank you Elizabeth Warren. Thank you Carly Fiorina. Thank you Hillary Clinton. Thank you Amy Klobuchar. Thank you Jill Stein. Thank you Carol Moseley Braun. And thank you to every other woman who has said screw you glass ceiling and taken a giant courageous step to put herself on the ballot and say vote for me because I’m a total badass.

Today I turned on the news and there was Elizabeth Warren giving her speech about suspending her campaign, and one of the reporters asked her how she feels about it coming down to two old white men. Elizabeth Warren answered that it’s going to be hard for all of the little girls who have to wait four more years. But I think maybe Elizabeth Warren isn’t giving herself enough credit. Even though this young generation hasn’t seen a woman get elected to the highest office in this country YET, they’re not sitting around waiting. They’re watching women run. They’re watching women get closer and closer. They’re watching women win debates. They’re watching more women try. But most of all they’re believing.

When Zoey sat down for breakfast this morning and announced that one day she would be the President and then told me all of the things she’s going to do to make this country better, she wasn’t dreaming. She was believing. Believing that she, a girl, really could become THE President. 

A female will sit in the Oval Office one day. Maybe soon. Maybe in ten years. Or maybe in forty years when Zoey runs. And her way is being paved not by the first woman who gets into the White House. It’s being paved by ALL of the women who try.

So thank you for paving the way for all the little girls out there who will go to bed tonight not hoping. Not waiting. They’ll go to bed believing. And that is HUGE. 


The mom to the future President of the United States of America (if she believes it, you better bet I do too)

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  1. Cynthia Carr at 7:58 pm

    Once again, let me thank you for another inspiring and courageous post. You are awesome! Someday a woman WILL lead this country. Let us hope it is sooner than later!

  2. jen graham at 8:13 pm

    I cried while reading this. I’m almost 40 and being president never crossed my mind when I was Zoeys age, it just wasn’t an option. I love how women are changing the world. ? I also hope Zoey is president someday. Best of luck to her. When I was little I wanted to be a cowboy, when my grandma asked why, I remember telling her it was because I wanted to wear pants and not ride side saddle. LOL.

  3. A2Z at 8:26 pm

    While I agree with you and your daughter that she could absolutely be POTUS. I love that she believes it. Let her know that there are a lot of men who don’t care what her gender is. There should have already been a woman in the whitehouse had it not been for crazy leftist attacks on Sarah Palin. I never understood how or why Democratics would crucify Sarah Palin when she had made herself a name by going after ethics violators in Alaska from Democratic and Republican parties.

    I sincerely hope that as she grows up and decides to do something more useful but there is sure a demand for ethical politicians who stand up for integrity… man or woman I would vote for that politician in a heartbeat… so would a lot of people.

  4. Christin Harding at 10:50 pm

    I don’t have the vocabulary to tell you how much I love needed this letter today, and Zoey-I do hope I live to see it. (I’m already kinda old-but it’s possible!)

    Big love to you both!

    Now-go get em’, girl! YOU can do it!

  5. Jennifer Holleyman at 1:00 am

    And better yet, e van introduce our children to European politics where several women have already been elected to the highest office in their countries!

  6. Allison Gagliardi at 10:56 am

    I LOVE this post. And I love how amazing your little family is. Thank you for being so real about parenting. We’re huge fans of your books. We give “I heart my little a-holes” to almost every new parent we know.

  7. Liz at 1:25 pm

    This gave me goosebumps. WHO RUN THE WORLD?!!!