Dear parents who are getting a fake doctor’s note so your kid doesn’t have to wear a mask to school

Dear parents who are getting a doctor’s note so your kid doesn’t have to wear a mask to school,

So the other day I was talking to a friend and she told me about you guys. How you guys are getting notes from doctors so your kids don’t have to wear masks to school this fall even though it’s a rule. Holy crap, I had no idea you could even do this! And why wouldn’t you?!

I mean masks are hot, annoying, and super hard to keep on when you’re a kid. Heck, they’re hard to keep on as a grownup. Not to mention how it’s almost impossible to hear people speaking through them, you can’t see people smile in them, and you definitely can’t drink or eat when you’re wearing one. 

You guys are so smart, figuring out how to buck the system.

But wait, are you?

I mean yeah it seems like an awesome way to keep your kiddos comfortable so they can focus on school… for about POINT TWO seconds until the coronavirus starts spreading faster than wildfire and the schools have to close again because your precious little snowflakes couldn’t wear a piece of cloth over their face.  

Don’t get me wrong. I know there are kiddos out there with REAL MEDICAL problems who can’t wear masks for REAL MEDICAL reasons. Those are NOT the kiddos I’m talking about. I’m talking about those of you who are claiming to have FAKE conditions to squirm your way around the rules.

But you know what? Fine. Get your fake medical note and let’s let your kids go to school and they can just sit in a classroom with all the other kids who’ve wiggled their way out of wearing masks too. And they can have their own teacher— oh wait, crap. Houston, we have a problem. None of the teachers want to sit in a classroom full of kids who aren’t wearing masks.

I mean come on, teachers. Won’t one of you risk your life to teach these children? It’s not their fault their asshat parents are turning them into mini asshats. And isn’t this why you became teachers in the first place? To risk your lives? You know teaching is right up there with window washers and Alaskan crab fisherman. 

Hmm, what to do, what to do. No one wants to share a room your kids who are choosing not to wear masks. Well, then we’ll just have to plop your kids in a room together and let a teacher teach them from a computer screen. But wait, doesn’t this sound a lot like e-learning?


So here’s an idea, why don’t we just let the kids who refuse to wear masks stay home and do e-learning? Not the ones who have real medical problems who CAN’T wear masks. Hopefully we can figure out a safe way to teach them in person. But those of you who are running off to your doctors to get fake excuse notes, let’s just let your kids learn from home where they can wear anything they want. You want to take Algebra in your birthday suit?! Go for it!! 

I know what you’re thinking. That I’m wrong because you’re an American and you have rights. Damn straight you do. You have the right to decide what your kid wears or doesn’t wear! You have the right to believe the science or ignore it! You have the right to hate the new mask rule! 

But you do NOT have the right to endanger MY kids and OUR teachers because you just don’t want to wear a mask.

Sorry (not sorry),

A mom who really wants to send her kids back to school in the safest way possible

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  1. Lynn at 10:37 am

    Yes. Yes. YES! I’d rather get the hate for my viewpoint than risk my kids.

  2. Monica at 10:38 am

    Couldn’t the same be said for people who want their children to wear masks at school? If a parent is fearful of their family getting the virus, then they should keep their kids about home. I am conflicted. Like you, two weeks ago I was saying I would do anything to get my kids back in school even if that meant wearing a mask. Now I am reading that wearing a mask that is worn outside of a controlled medical environment (increased oxygen levels and temperature controlled) is detrimental to our health (lowers oxygen intake and increases CO2 intake). Masks, when worn all day, can cause headaches and fatigue. I have experience those side affects and don’t want my kids to have to deal with that while they are trying to learn. I have also read that this virus is so small, masks don’t deter the spread. What do we believe? Like I said, I am conflicted and plan to be obedient to what our school requires.

    • G at 11:01 am

      Don’t take medical advice from a. someone who is not a doctor and b. from a video on youtube from a self proclaimed expert

      • Ann Oyed at 12:43 pm

        You’re only listening to doctors and “experts” who align with your point of view. Just because somebody has a different opinion doesn’t make them less of a doctor or expert.

    • Regina Hughes-Calvert at 11:03 am

      Is that why surgeons pass out mid surgery? Dentists fall on top of you? Yes, it is uncomfortable. No,it will not harm you.
      If I make a pretty enough Youtube, would it change your mind??

    • theunlovedmother at 1:29 pm

      Just want to clarify something …. I have been a nurse for many years and worked in a hospital for many years. I would be safe to say that 98% of the space inside the hospital is NOT a controlled medical environment with increased oxygen levels. Temperature controls only come from the thermostat settings like other businesses and homes outside of surgery suites and negative airflow rooms. Parents that are fearful should (like you said) keep their kids home .. BUT, bigger than that is that the schools should not let non-compliant ones attend. Safety is first … over constitutional rights and asshats parents. My kids have the same rights … the right to be protected.

      • Brodie Bose at 6:11 pm

        Reading nonsense comments from emotion based people is enough to make me gag.

        The virus has been here since November of 2019. We are at a falsely inflated (Dr. irx andI Illinois dept of Health director “those that may have died of alternate causes but had COVID19 at the time of death, are listed as COVID19 deaths; including motorcycle accident victims, gunshot victims) 150,000 deaths over how many months? 9 months into this? That’s it?

        a) PCR and Viral tests. PCR tests can’t distinguish between cold virus antibodies and other coronavirus antibodies including COVID19. The CDC says so under ‘false positives’ on their website.
        b) The way ‘cases’ are counted went from ‘confirmed’ (how do you know if PCR is the primary way of testing and picks up COLD VIRUS antibodies??) to ‘probable’. That means if you walked on a beach within 6 feet (that distance is also not scientifically proven!!!) past 17 people, that means ‘cases’ from ONE to EIGHTEEN. My God people.
        c) The flu KILLS 12,000 – 60,000 people EVERY YEAR. That is WITH a vaccine; do you wear masks during flu outbreaks? Kept your kids home during flu outbreaks??? no? What, those people’s deaths don’t matter? How heartless and evil of you. My GOD.
        d) The actual death rate is lower than the common flu. We know this because as exposures go up and deaths do NOT, that is the real metric.
        e) Lancet, the medical journal was forced to retract a literally madeup anti-cholorquine study because…it was….not real. But yet published.
        f) There were chloroquine studies proven to assist with coronavirus outbreaks under Fauci’s own leadership in the past.
        g) SARS killed more people than COVID19. Were we wearing masks then? Why not? During bird flu? No? Why not?
        h) You are harming your kids by keeping them 100% germ free becaues THAT’S NOT HOW THE HUMAN IMMUNE SYSTEM WORKS…it MUST be exposed to build up antibodies to germs!!!!!!

        You people are utterl RIDICULOUS. Contact tracing is coming and you fools will give every last ounce of your true freedoms and caring for your own kids because you are running on pure emotional BS. Not logic. As for the nurse who is posting, there is ZERO excuse for you to not know that this virus does not harm children. ZERO.
        /medical professional, educated and not an emotion based person

        • Barbara from Portland at 4:29 pm

          “You people” noted TWICE???? LOL! Well “you people” are even more insane than you think we people are. Good luck fighting COVID when you get it. May those odds be ever in your favor. Write your will, make your final arrangements, and may your days be as pleasant as you are.

          • Ann Oyed at 3:46 pm

            How pleasant of you to wish covid and death upon a person who has a different opinion than you.

      • Ann Oyed at 3:47 pm

        You’re a nurse, and this is the “knowledge” you’re spreading? You’re part of the problem!

    • C at 4:38 pm

      Did you just say you are worried that that a mask will prevent you getting enough oxygen (a molecule of 2 oxygen atoms) AND you are worried that the virus ( a molecule built of hundreds or thousands of atoms) is small enough to go through a mask – the same mask that won’t let the tiny oxygen molecules through? Don’t believe something just because there is a self proclaimed expert on a platform literally anyone can publish on

      When trying to figure out what to believe try and make sure at least TWO of the following are true:
      – It logically makes sense
      – It comes from a scientifically verified/peer reviewed source
      – You’ve seen/experienced it yourself
      – It comes from an industry certified expert
      – The source is someone you personally know AND trust

      I don’t think that video meets those criteria

  3. donna scarpaci at 11:02 am

    Can’t believe this is really happening. What some people won’t do to be an exception. Sad sad sad.

    • Ann Oyed at 3:49 pm

      What some people won’t do for a false sense of security and safety. Sad, sad, sad.

  4. Jami at 11:24 am

    It is infuriating for me as a mother and a teacher, to know that people are really stooping this low. First of all, any doctor with an iota of common decency should not do this. Second of all, what are these people really teaching their children about integrity, loving their neighbors, and cooperation? I don’t want anyone to get the rona, but if it has to be someone, I hope it’s these asshats that are doing selfish stuff like this.

    • Ann Oyed at 3:44 pm

      LMAO. You talk about “integrity, loving their neighbors, and cooperation” – and then immediately follow up by wishing the virus on “these asshats”. Yeah, teach that lesson to your kids! 🙄

      It’s infuriating to me, as a human being, to know that people are stooping as low as wishing illness upon others because they have a different opinion.

  5. Jen Mierisch at 11:27 am

    Amen to all of this, Baby Sideburns. I would hope no doctor would write such a note. Then again, just yesterday I read a paper (self-published, NOT peer reviewed) by a Ph.D. claiming with zero evidence that “masks don’t work.” Sigh. These parents are teaching their kids that the rules don’t apply to then and that it’s OK to cheat to get what you want. Hmmm. Sounds like Lori Loughlin, Felicity Huffman, and I could think of a few others too.

  6. Bev Parada at 11:30 am

    Also…. Do they really want their kids to be “different” in this way to the other kids who are wearing masks? They may get teased for not wearing them. We all know how some kids are. Or, the other kids might now say, “Why does A.H. Jr get to not wear a mask but I have to wear one?!?”, making more trouble for the teachers as they now have to try to explain how some people are asshats.

  7. jenmierisch at 11:47 am

    Amen to all of this, Baby Sideburns. I would hope no doctor would write such a note. Then again, just yesterday I read a paper (self-published, NOT peer reviewed) by a PhD claiming with zero evidence that “masks don’t work.” Sigh. These parents are teaching their kids that the rules don’t apply to them and that it’s OK to cheat to get what you want. Sounds like Lori Loughlin, Felicity Huffman, and I could think of a few others too.

    • Ann Oyed at 3:39 pm

      Where’s the evidence that proves – WITHOUT A DOUBT – that masks DO work? You make it a point to say the paper you read was not peer reviewed; still, it was written by a PhD. Yet, you mock their findings, not because they’ve been completely disproven or discredited, but because they don’t match your opinion or the narrative (lies) you’ve been fed. If TV and Twitter don’t say it’s true, guess it’s not!

  8. caren at 11:52 am

    Monica. don’t believe everything you read. If masks were so horrible, then why aren’t mask-wearers collapsing all over the streets?

  9. Judy Lynn at 11:56 am

    Except that piece of cloth has been PROVEN ineffective. Couldn’t finish reading because, quite frankly, this article is one side of the many many many articles that have been written and shared from both perspectives. The virus is going to spread because, well; germs tend to do that …. support your immune systems, get out in the sun and soak up some vitamin D and support your glutathione levels. You’ll survive just like the many generations before us who have weathered much worse.

    • Barbara at 2:18 pm

      Countries that wore masks, social distanced, and washed hands are ALL back to work/school. They had the will to do what was required to move forward. People like you are causing this pandemic/shutdown to go on way longer than it needs to. Wear the stupid mask.

      • Ann Oyed at 3:30 pm

        For you to blame your fellow citizens for the continue “pandemic” is so ignorant. All over a mask. We get it – you’re angry that you’ve been a brainwashed sheep this entire time. Next, you’re gonna parrot what the media has been saying about widespread vaccination – when, in reality, countries with higher percentages of vaccinated people have seen/are seeing way more covid cases and deaths.

        Take off the stupid mask and do some research!

  10. April at 12:01 pm

    I can’t believe people! If we don’t all make some changes now, we’ll never get a handle on the virus. And, what’s wrong with the doctors who are writing these notes? They must know the kids don’t have a medical condition. I swear I must have a permanent red mark on my forehead from all the face palming ?‍♀️

  11. Kim at 12:26 pm

    My 14 year old niece came home this morning from band camp with great exhaustion because the director made them wear masks outside in near 90* heat! Where is the common sense in that???? She could have wound up in the hospital along with any number of other students

  12. Lisa at 12:38 pm

    What you got wrong is the kid not wearing a mask is NOT endangering your kid. You should really know the science before you pen such pontificating post! Thirty children in the age of 15 have died in the US due to COVID (166 have died from the flu this year). This is because the viral load contracted by children is significantly lower than that of adults! This is also the same reason they rarely, if ever, spread it to the adults. So spare me your post that you think makes you seem so much smarter than everyone else, ASSHAT!!!!

    • Barbara at 2:16 pm

      When did those kids die of the flu? Was it before the lockdown? Kids have NOT been in school since the end of March. So, we really don’t know how many can/will be infected/affected once they are back in rooms of 30 kids all day (or worse, seeing up to 150 other kids in a day). Please make sure you are comparing apples to apples.

      • Ann Oyed at 3:24 pm

        Another adult scared of children, LOL. I never knew American adults were so pathetic and scared.

    • Lori at 2:59 pm

      But the kids bring the virus home to parents and grandparents who CAN get very sick and die from it.

  13. Sarah at 12:41 pm

    Lol or we can allow the students who are not afraid of a stupid virus to go to school like normal! And I would be 100% willing to teach every kid who doesn’t want to wear a mask. I’m not scared and I don’t want to see children muzzled!

    • Barbara at 2:19 pm

      Please tell me that you don’t teach science.

      • . at 3:21 pm

        I suppose your science is better than hers, right?

    • Ann Oyed at 3:22 pm

      We need more teachers like you! God Bless!

  14. Janet Cook at 1:15 pm

    If you believe masks work to protect your child who is wearing one, why would you care if my child is not?

    • Barbara at 2:23 pm

      I know you have been told this a million times, and I know you will not listen to it now – masks catch droplet (spittle) when people speak, cough, sneeze, yawn, breath, etc.. So, my mask catches my droplets so they don’t get out to you. YOUR mask catches your droplets so they don’t get out to me. Again, I know you have been told this, and I know you will ignore it again. It is similar thing with vaccinations. Some people cannot get vaccinations, so EVERYBODY WHO CAN should get vaccinated – you know, to protect your fellow humans.

      • Barbara from Portland at 4:38 pm

        Your comments are perfect. Thank you. Sharing your name, I’m reading this like it’s me talking, and you do so better than I can/would! Keep on keeping on!

      • Ann Oyed at 1:26 pm

        You’re just repeating the same drivel you hear on TV and treating it like gospel. Plenty of doctors, medical experts, and scientists have said masks don’t work. Do your own research – you know, to not spread misinformation. And don’t tell me what to do with my body.

    • Lori at 3:00 pm

      Your mask protects me. Your child’s mask protects my child.
      My mask protects you. My child’s mask protects your child.

      • Ann Oyed at 1:27 pm

        LMAO. Do I also have to take Tylenol when you have a headache? Should I put on sunscreen so you don’t get a sunburn?

    • Gail at 4:24 pm

      My childs mask isnt there to protect my child, its there to protect yours. Thats why your child should also wear one. Its also about teaching our kids to care for and about each other.

      • Ann Oyed at 1:29 pm

        AGAIN! I don’t understand this mentality! That’s like saying, “you should put on sunscreen so I don’t get sunburn”! If you want to teach your children to care for and about each other, they shouldn’t be forced to treat each others like disease merchants.

  15. Jennifer Graham at 1:16 pm

    I completely agree with you. I am so over the “it’s violating my rights argument”. They absoultey have the right not to wear one and we have the right to have them leave if they aren’t wearing one. Quit endangering people. It’s not just that they don’t want to wear one, now your putting lives at risk by not complying. You don’t want to wear one fine don’t but leave so your not putting others at risk. I have to wear a mask 8 hours a day 5 days a week, yes it sucks but I do it because it’s required at my job and it’s too help protect others. At home I don’t wear it when I go out around other people I do. It’s really not that hard of concept. I don’t want to further spread this crap or we will never get back to begging semi normal.

    • Ann Oyed at 1:21 pm

      So, it’s okay to discriminate against individuals now? Would you be okay with somebody denying you service because you ARE wearing a mask? “putting lives at risk”? Really? People who spread fear, lies, hate, and misinformation – the same people who think wearing a mask is going to make things “normal” again – are the problem.

      • Barbara from Portland at 12:20 pm

        Ann Oyed, so it’s taken a full year for you to drum up these replies, right? You are coming across as a troll. A maskless troll at that. I am glad to see you’re pro-choice though. One good thing coming out through all your vitriolic, one after the other, consecutively in a row misstatements. Please allow for your surgeon, Dr. and Dentist to not wear a mask. It’s optional, right? I’m convinced all your wording is incredibly short sighted and I truly hope your day is as pleasant as you are. Thanks for your input, but I’m sure people were hoping for it to be more constructive. Oh well.

  16. Beth at 1:20 pm

    You are so right. I had a lot to say about this in my post today. We don’t have the right to put others in danger. We don’t have the right to yell fire in a crowded theater when there isn’t any. We don’t have the right take away someone else’s right to stay safe and healthy. When you take that away you are possibly becoming a murderer.

    • Ann Oyed at 1:12 pm

      Think about what you’re saying. Not wearing a mask makes one a murderer? Really?

  17. Jennifer Mierisch at 1:39 pm

    It’s extremely sad to me how many people have suddenly decided that scientists and educators are not to be trusted when literally they only have public health and education as their goals. The virus was not manufactured by an American political party. Why do you think the entire world is wearing masks right now? For our health? Oh wait…

  18. Melinda Orum at 1:40 pm

    Thank you! I couldn’t have said it better.Our two daughters are teachers and I am very worried about their safety at school. I don’t want to sacrifice our kids just because you don’t want your kids to wear a mask.

    • Ann Oyed at 1:11 pm

      And the other children shouldn’t have to sacrifice themselves so your kids can be what you erroneously consider safe. Again, it’s ridiculous that ADULTS are scared of children. Grow up, lol.

  19. Christin Harding at 2:01 pm

    THANK YOU! (from the Mom of an elementary school teacher and Gma of 2)

  20. Nubstep at 2:53 pm

    Some people don’t seem to understand that while they have the right to make their own decisions, those decisions come with consequences. Yes, you can choose not to wear a mask, but that doesn’t mean a business or school has to allow you to come in without one. Many businesses right now can refuse to let you inside. There are other options for you if you don’t want to (or can’t) wear a mask.

    • Ann Oyed at 1:10 pm

      And some people don’t seem to understand that this isn’t about public health & safety anymore. If you want to wear a mask, go for it, and know that there are consequences there, too. But for places to deny service to individuals based on masks is insane – and it’s discrimination.

  21. Torn at 3:05 pm

    Loony tune delusional dribble. However keeping your kids home will destroy public education is is a good thing.

  22. Rea at 3:09 pm

    Or the other side of it is we send the kids without masks since science has proven they are not carriers and see what happens. Let’s look at this from an elementary teachers side. I know not all will agree with me, but just for a moment let’s look at a different side before judging parents for being asshats.

    So the children show up with masks now the teacher fights several different situations all day long:
    I like yours better let’s trade?
    Why is yours like that can I try it?
    I want a blue one I am not wearing mine anymore.
    My hook broke I can’t put it behind my ear anymore.
    Other items like – wiping their nose on it, their mouth on it, dropping it in food or art class or who knows where.

    These are just a few things that I can come up with quickly. So instead of the teacher teaching your child they will now have all of this to deal with and I am sure this is a small list compared to what other teachers could add to it. SO this ASSHAT teacher and parent would request your child does not wear a mask in the classroom. I will take any consequences that come from no masks. If parents do not like it then they can do the e learning with their child.

  23. Nncy at 7:45 pm

    Im actually upset with the doctors who just write the notes and don’t have the courage to say “no’ to these parents. Doctors need to educate parents regarding how masks do not decrease oxygen levels and let just asking for a letter should not produce one. Doctors need to stand up to these parents and not pass the buck to the schools. They need to do their jobs on this one.

    • Ann Oyed at 1:03 pm

      I have a problem with doctors who aren’t upholding their oaths, which is what’s been happening during this bs crisis. Doctors should stand up to big pharma and the government while protecting their patients and their rights! Unfortunately, all too many doctors are greedy, selfish, and lazy. Also, educate yourself about the uselessness of masks. Even your dude Fauci doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    • Ann Oyed at 1:01 pm

      Will you continue to agree with unnecessary, futile mandates as they increasingly encroach on and eliminate your personal freedoms, rights, and privacy? Will you exclaim “NO 15th BOOSTER SHOT OR HAZMAT SUIT, STAY HOME!” when it comes to that?

  24. Affton at 9:26 pm

    If physicians are writing these notes, they must feel masks are not necessary.

  25. T at 1:03 am

    Thank you so much for posting this!!

  26. Sue at 6:58 am

    All parents know that usually the first two weeks of school there is an outbreak of some sort, usually a cold or the flu. I would do anything to protect my child and if wearing a mask protects our children, teacher’s support staff so be it! This can be fun for the child decorating their masks, wearing different colours, maybe little contests for the best mask of the day or week.

    • Ann Oyed at 12:58 pm

      Yeah, let’s make blind compliance and loss of autonomy fun and creative!

  27. A Childs Teacher at 8:05 am

    Dear Parents,
    As you consider whether or not to let your child return to school, let me explain to you what it will be like for your child this year in my classroom based on our plans for returning to school.
    1. When your child arrives at school they will need to be wearing their mask. They will have to go directly to their classroom and quietly sit in their seat. There will be no playing on the playground or talking in the hallways.
    2.Seating in the classroom is no longer in groups or partners. The children will be seated in traditional hard school chairs at desks set up in rows, all facing forward. There are no longer flexible seating options like bouncy chairs or rocking stools, or even sitting on a class rug. Those are all gone. While in the classroom your child will be sitting in their hard chair at their own desk all day long, no other options.
    3. Your child’s seat will NOT necessarily be 6’ away from anyone else. If the classroom is full, then your child may be only 3’ away from others.
    4. You child cannot bring any toys or anything from home to play with or comfort them. These items risk carrying the virus. He/she can bring their backpack with their snack, water bottle, and lunch in it.
    5. At no point is your child allowed to play or work with another child in the classroom.
    6. At no point will your child’s class all be reading out loud together, or singing, or reciting poetry, or having a boisterous fun conversation, or playing a loud game, because the more voices raise, the higher the risk of the rate of virus transmission. This is not what your child’s teacher wants, but will do to keep your child as safe as he/she possibly can be.
    7. Your child’s teacher will be teaching lessons from the front of the room behind a special shield, wearing a mask, and wearing a face shield. They may be wearing scrubs, a hair covering, gloves, or other PPE. This means your child will not be able to see the teacher’s expressions as he/she teaches. Your child will not be able to see the teacher smile in the classroom. Your child will not be able to see their teacher’s mouth as he/ she teaches letter sounds.
    8. Your child will not be able to sit at a small table with the teacher and get extra help. Your child cannot come closer than 6’ to the teacher. The floor will be marked off to show your child the lines they cannot cross so they do not get too close to the teacher.
    9. If your child needs help they will have to video chat from their desk to the teacher who is behind a plexiglass type shield at his/her desk and computer.
    10. If your child is upset, the teacher cannot come closer than 6’ to comfort your child. They cannot whisper words of encouragement to them. They cannot give them a hug. Nothing. 6’ away and that is it. It is going to break your child’s teacher’s heart but they have to do this to keep everyone safe. 11. At lunch your child will eat by themselves either at their desk or in some location in the school building, no closer than 6’ to another child. They may have to eat in silence because masks will be off and raising their voices increases the risk of transmission.
    12. Recess will be solitary. Your child may be outside to play, weather permitting, but it will be by themselves with toys that can be wiped down after their use. They will not be playing tag, ball, hopscotch, 4-square, dolls, cars, or anything else with their friends. They will watch their friends play in their personal space, and they will stay in their personal space. They won’t be using swings, slides, or other playscape equipment. We don’t have the ability to wipe it down and sanitize it.
    13. Mask breaks will be outside, not in the classroom. They are a quick break as a whole class, not whenever your child asks for it. At best they might take place every hour or hour and a half, but we cannot have the whole school outside in limited space all trying to take a mask break at the same time. If it is bad weather, either masks breaks can’t happen, or they’re going to happen outside in bad weather. Students will have to be at least 6’ apart from each other during mask breaks, so there cannot be loud talking or running around.
    14. Classwork will likely be all on the computer, since we have some children staying home and some children in school. Keeping it all on the computer means everyone has the same work and the teacher can correct it and leave feedback without having to touch items that may have the virus on them.
    15. Classroom books, if we use them, have to sit for 3 days in between use by children. Some teachers may opt to just use books on the computer to keep your child as safe as possible.
    16. Children cannot share any materials at all. Not a pencil, not an eraser, not math counters, nothing.
    17. The classroom pencil sharpener cannot be used, it is a common touch point. Small personal sharpeners will have to be used.
    18. As much as your child’s teacher wants nothing more than to gather his/ her class around them and read a story to them, it won’t be like that. Story time will be the children sitting in their desks. The teacher will be at least 6’ away, behind a plexiglass type barrier, with his/her mask and face shield on, reading to your children. Hopefully the ones in the back of the room can hear the teacher reading and see the pictures. As much as your child’s teacher wants to walk around showing them the pictures or speak louder so they all can hear the expressions he or she reads with, it cannot happen.
    19. Other than for physical education class, your child will stay in their classroom, in their seat, for all classes, including specials like art and music.
    20. Bathroom breaks will be scheduled for the entire class. They may or may not be allowed to go at other times. Please make sure your young child is able to zip, snap, and button all of their own clothing, teachers cannot come within 6’ to help them if they ask for it, no matter how much your child begs and cries out of frustration.

    This is the reality of what going back to school is going to be like for your child. You have a choice to make if this is in your child’s best interest, or if keeping them home for virtual learning is in their best interest. Either choice you make, I will love and care for your child, and be the best teacher I can be for them. Your child will have the exact same lessons taught to them. They will do the exact same work. They will have meetings and discussions with their teacher and class in the exact same way.

    • Rea at 8:26 am

      This is what parents are not understanding. There is more to this mask wearing then they understand. Thank you for taking the time to write this up. My response was quick and dealt only with the masks. I greatly appreciate your post.

      This is why I would rather their be no masks no social distancing and see what happens. These children need their teachers and I will not be able to be the teacher I want to be because we are all being so scared. Let’s get over being scared and just see what happens.

      • Tara at 3:05 pm

        “This is why I would rather their be no masks no social distancing and see what happens.Let’s get over being scared and just see what happens.” If this is how you feel, then I think you should volunteer at your school to be the teacher with the classroom for kids who parents don’t want them to wear a mask. If you don’t get sick, none of your students get sick, none of their parents/grandparents/guardians get sick by the end of the year, then maybe I’ll consider letting my kid go to school without a mask. If you get sick and die then we’ll know “what happens.”

        I walk a very fine line between being fearful and not being fearful. This virus is too new and there are too many unknowns for me to not wear a mask, make my kids wear a mask and social distance. My biggest fear is not that my children will get sick, they are under 18. My fear is my child will have the virus, have no symptoms and unknowingly pass it on to me. I get very sick, have to go to the hospital, end up on a ventilator and die alone. Who will take care of my kids then? I know that is an extreme outcome, but it’s happened, it’s happening. My sister and cousin work in a hospital, with COVID patients. My cousin is the one who is Skyping or Facetiming families so they can say good-bye to their mom, dad, g’parent, spouse, etc, right before she intubates them.

        In regular life, I try to mitigate risks everyday. I buckle my seat belt and drive carefully, anyone in my car has to buckle their seat belt, I wear a helmet when biking, as do my kids, we look before crossing the street, we get vaccinations and flu shots. There are forces bigger than me out there, but I do what I can to mitigate those forces.

        During this pandemic, the mitigating factor is WEAR A MASK!! So that is what I will do and what my kids will do.

        • Ann Oyed at 12:56 pm

          Hospitals and nurses/physicians like your sister and cousin are the ones killing patients by intubating them. THEY’RE the ones who followed and continue following insane orders and restrictions like not allowing dying patients to be with their families. THEY’RE the ones ignoring their oaths to heal and help. Almost every story I’ve heard or read of somebody dying “of” covid notes that the person was in the hospital and put on a ventilator. NOT TO MENTION THAT PATIENTS ARE BEING DENIED LIFE-SAVING MEDICINES!

          Don’t blame this on people who don’t wear masks. That’s immensely offensive and ignorant.

          • Tara at 1:14 pm

            I think you are immensely offensive and ignorant.

    • Terri at 8:37 pm

      No, you will not love and care for my grandchildren. I am sure you want to with all your heart but … You can’t possibly do that if you can’t come within 6 feet of them. It is not possible to love and care for a kindergartner from a distance. I wish it were but it just isn’t. I also wonder how our special needs children can survive this horror.

  28. Kezia McLaughlin at 8:24 am

    Thank you for having some common sense. It must be hard being a good Karen? I’m sorry that name has come to be a slur almost because you are the complete opposite of those people.
    As a teacher I’m scared to go back BECAUSE of these idiots who value their rights and freedom over the health and safety of themselves and honestly everyone in this country. So scary. They’re going to have their kids doing the same thing in class. Not caring about anyone else’s health, and spreading the disease to the most vulnerable in our society?.

    • Ann Oyed at 12:49 pm

      You’re a teacher and you’re scared of children? I bet you’re all for teaching CRT and canceling history, too, right?

  29. Jennifer Mierisch at 8:28 am

    A Child’s Teacher, thank you for this honesty. It’s a bleak picture. My 8yo would definitely not thrive in that environment. My 11yo might be ok but would hate not being able to see her friends up close. “Online only” is sounding better and better to me.

  30. Wendy at 10:42 am

    What about face shields? If you can’t wear a mask, isn’t that better than nothing?

  31. char at 9:58 pm

    I’ve been reading your blog for quite awhile but have never commented. Lord have mercy you hit the nail right on the head!! I am all but speechless at the stupidity I’ve seen in the Americana people in recent months. I honestly do NOT understand what the big deal is. And those talking about it restricting your oxygen intake…JFC have you never heard of surgeons??

    I work with kids that have special needs, and I fully recognize that it’s not possible for ALL kids to be in masks ALL day. Not just because the kids with sensory issues wouldn’t be able to handle that, but because who will be managing/enforcing it? A teacher trying to manage an entire “normal” classroom is already overwhelmed, believe me.

    That said, our school is in a low-income community, and many of the kids in our district live with their grandparents. The 5-year-olds aren’t the ones I’m worried about. They’re (most of them) very healthy with great immune systems. It’s the elderly people the kids are going home to, and immunocompromised teachers that we need to think about.

    It’s called humankind. Be both.

    • Ann Oyed at 12:48 pm

      And you’re okay with treating HUMANS as nothing more than disease merchants? “Oh, keep the children masked so that the elderly lady across the street doesn’t die!” Really? How did all the elderly and autoimmune compromised individuals survive during all the other “pandemics” we’ve had? Also, adults should be protecting children, not the other way around. But, you’re right, all those people who disagree with your are stupid. (rolls eyes)

    • . at 3:20 pm

      You have a great voice, but “I’m sticking with the Union / So we don’t all die” are actual lyrics in your song? Lots of people stuck with the Nazis, too…