Who wants to go to a Margarita Camp with me this summer?!! (Sponsored by Sawyer)

Is anyone else’s kids driving them crazy? Oh my gawwwwd. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love hanging out with my children, but here’s the thing I’ve noticed. If I hang out with them too much, I start not liking hanging out with them. You know that saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder?” Here’s my new saying. “Constant presence makes me want to lock myself in a closet and yell at anyone who knocks on the door.”

I remember thinking at the beginning of the pandemic, “This is going to be so special getting to spend all this quality time together as a family!” Well, my friends, after 375 days together, I AM DONE. I have had enough family time.

I know you might think I’m kidding and exaggerating and just trying to be funny, but I assure you, I’m not. I’m actually dead serious and feeling pretty guilty about it. Do you feel this way at all? Like this morning I was so irritable that everything anyone else did just pissed me off. And when Holden asked me to open a new milk container for him, I just lost it. Why can’t ANYONE do anything without me around here?! Why can’t Holden open the milk, why can’t Zoey wait until I’m done with breakfast to ask me to do her ponytail, why can’t my hubby find the sunscreen when I literally tell him exactly where it is?

I feel smothered.

I need some alone time. And if I don’t get it, I’m going to freak out and all of those awesome things I’ve done for my family over the past 375 days are going to be overshadowed by my atomic explosion.

I am ready for some ME time. Like I desperately need it.

Which is why when a company called Sawyer reached out to me to see if I would do a sponsored post about their Summer camps and online classes, I was like…

ME: Do you have a Margarita Camp for moms?

SAWYER: Sorry, we don’t. But we do have a Zombies Dance class, and Fungineering and Robotics with LEGOs class, and Space Camp with a real NASA astronaut, and an in-person kickass Circus Camp, and an Animal Adventure Summer Camp that you can send your kids to for a week for five hours a day. 

ME: Ummm, yes, we’ll take one of each, please.

Seriously, you guys, I’m pretty sure Sawyer is the holy grail of online classes and summer camps for kids. I had no idea this even existed! I even had Zoey try out an online Sawyer class to make sure it’s good (gotta try out the goods before I share them). She chose their Hot Chocolate Bomb Workshop, and it was AMAZING. The teacher was awesome, the supply list was perfect, and I literally didn’t have to help Zoey with a single thing. She was occupied for two hours straight and the only thing I did to help was steal some of her chocolate.

Between their online classes and their in-person summer camps, I will totally be able to occupy my kids this summer. And stay sane. I’ve already checked out the ones in my area so I can book as soon as I’m ready. Which was like yesterday.

So I know technically Sawyer doesn’t offer a Margarita Camp for moms, but they kinda do. Because if you sign your kids up for some of their awesome stuff, you will have time to chill out all by yourself while sipping a margarita. And you actually might miss your kids a little.

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There are 3 comments for this article
  1. terib19 at 10:38 am

    False advertising!! I want my margarita!!!
    Those camps do sound amazing. Wish they had those when my college girls were little.
    I’m still going to drink a margarita anyway. 😀

  2. Jen M at 11:19 am

    Most of the time I ingore these sponsored posts, but I am definitely going to check Sawyer out, since BOTH of the YMCAs in my area (where we used to send the kids to day camp) closed during the pandemic. Thanks Baby Sideburns! Also, I’d be willing to host a Margarita Day Camp for Moms in my backyard, if anyone in the Chicago near north suburbs is reading this!!