How to magically make your kid LOVE reading (sponsored by The Week Junior!!)

Both of my kids used to suck at reading. Yup. Even Zoey. But now the light seeps under her door at night because she’s “sneaking books” past bedtime. And Holden? He was even worse at reading. Which made him sad, frustrated, embarrassed, unconfident,  etc., etc., etc. And it broke my heart. But recently something crazy happened. Just last month, I went into his room one morning to wake him up for school, and look what I found.

Holden READING!!!! Pardon my French, but holy &*%$. At ten years old, Holden has suddenly decided he likes to read. And I cannot begin to tell you how HUGE this is.  

I wish I could tell you there’s some magic trick that made this happen, but I think it’s actually a bunch of magic tricks. So here goes. Here are 5 things to do to help your kid like (and maybe even love) reading. 

1. Read TO them. Because if you read to them and don’t make them do any of the hard work, they will eventually figure out they LOVE books and realize it’s worth the effort. 

2. Let them read graphic novels. I can’t believe I just wrote that. It used to kill me that Zoey was capable of reading a 300-page book but would only pick up those books that were basically long comic strips. But it worked! She found so much joy in graphic novels that she fell in love with books, and eventually moved on to more challenging stuff. 

3. Make sure you always have great reading material around the house. Like I will literally walk out of the library with a stack of 25 books, knowing that Holden might choose just one. But one is better than zero.

4. Don’t limit yourself just to books. A whole book can be intimidating. Magazines and websites can be great reading material for kids. 

And this is where I’ll tell you about the AMAZING sponsor of this post. Pleeease do not skip this part because this sponsor is one of my all-time favorites.  

This is a new incredible magazine for kids called The Week Junior

Seriously, this might be the most amazing kids’ magazine I have ever picked up. It is PACKED full of current events and fun topics for kids. With awesome sections for everyone. Every week, you’ll get an issue full of news created just for kids, ideas, activities, puzzles, amazing pictures and so many other awesome things. Right in your mailbox!

And this part is really cool. I’ve just been leaving them on the counter where the kids eat, and they just start reading them!!! Voluntarily! On their own!

The other day Zoey started talking to me about an article and we had like a ten-minute conversation and she totally forgot to go into her bedroom and shut the door like she usually does. Miracle!!!!!

Anyways, I can’t recommend The Week Junior enough for a holiday gift this year. It’s literally the perfect gift for every kiddo, ones who love to read already and ones who are still learning how awesome reading is. It helps children understand the world in a fun, uncomplicated, awesome way. And if you subscribe today, you’ll get the first 6 issues RISK FREE!!! Just click here and you can learn how.

And last, but definitely not least, number 5!

5. GIVE IT TIME. All kids are different. Some kids love reading before they’re even out of the womb.

FETUS 1: I loved the rhythmic cadence of Goodnight Moon, but Chicka Chicka Boom Boom was way more riveting if you want my opinion.  

And others need a few more years before they get all intellectual.  

FETUS 2: Watch me do jumping jacks on my Mommy’s bladder!!!  

Seriously, both of my kids needed extra help when it came to reading and were way behind many of their peers, but over time something just “clicked.” 

So if your kid already likes reading, awesome! And if they don’t yet, here’s what you need to do:

Try my tricks up above.

Try not to freak out. 

And TRY The Week Junior!!! 

P.S. The Week Junior has partnered with Reading Is Fundamental, so when you subscribe, they’ll give a 6-month subscription to a child in an under-resourced community. As if this magazine weren’t awesome enough already!! Amazing! 

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  1. Elisabeth at 10:35 pm

    My kids LOVE the Week Jr! In the Reef Rescue issue you’ll see them in the back pages, posing with a mammoth tusk. Pretty much every day they’ll tell me about something new in the world that they read in there. The representation across cultures is also really meaningful.