April Fools’ Day Pranks: 15 HIGHLARIOUS ones to play on your family

Many years ago, it was April Fools’ Day, and in typical procrastinator fashion I was like, “Oh crap, I forgot to plan anything.” But since I’m such a brilyunt person, I came up with a hilarious last minute April Fools’ Day prank. At least I thought it was funny.

ME: Zoey, Holden, we need to have a family meeting!!

6YO ZOEY: What is it Mommy?

4YO HOLDEN: What talk ’bout?

ME: Okay guys, we think you’re old enough to know something, but you have to keep it a secret, okay?

ZOEY AND HOLDEN: (so curious) WHAT?!!!

ME: Well, do you know how our family is a little different than other families?

ZOEY: (dying to hear what I’m about to say) Yesss.

ME: Well, ummm, so we’re actually not humans…

ZOEY AND HOLDEN: (waiting with anticipation)

ME: We’re robots.  

And cue the laughter. Or not. 

I guess my acting was a little too good because after a few moments of my words sinking in, Zoey did not burst out in laughter like I thought she would. She burst out in something else. Tears.

ZOEY: (sobbing hysterically) I do NOT want to be a robot!!! 

Holden, on the other hand…

HOLDEN: (gleeful) I knew it!!!! I am a robot!! Beep beep boop bop. 

Abort mission! Abort! Abort!!!

ME: April Fools, guys!!! I was just kidding!!! April Fools!!!!

But it was too late. Zoey was devastated she was a robot, and Holden was devastated he wasn’t. And I learned my lesson big time. There are GOOD April Fools’ Day pranks, and there are BAD April Fools’ Day pranks that will scar your children forever.

So a year or two later, I asked you guys if there were any good April Fools’ Day pranks you’ve pulled on your kids, and I got flooded with amazing answers. I promptly grabbed screenshots of the best ones and saved them, and then once again in typical procrastinator fashion, I never wrote that awesome blog post. Until now. Yup, these pictures are old but they are awesome. 

So here goes, here are 15 hilarious April Fools’ Day pranks to play on your family that hopefully won’t backfire like mine did: 

1. Cell phone sabotage

rubber band cell phone April Fools Day prank

“Oh no, sweetie, I think I hear your cell phone ringing! I’ll bet it’s that boy you really like.”

2. Introducing Oreo’s newest flavor—Minty Fresh!

toothpaste Oreo April Fools Day prank

Makes and fights cavities at the same time!

3. Who wants a cake pop?!

Brussels sprouts cake pop April Fools Day prank

Be sure to have real cake pops ready in case they cry. Or don’t. Muhahahaha. 


4. Bugging out

Lamp with bugs April Fools Day prank

Warning, no one will ever be able to sleep in this room again, so choose your location wisely.

5. “Can someone go wake Daddy?!”

Skeleton in bed April Fools Day prank

Tasteless? Yes. Hilarious? Yes.

6. Post-it prank

Car plastered with post-it notes April Fools Day prank

Hilariously annoying, but make sure your lazy teenager doesn’t only peel off 4 post-it notes and try to drive like that.

7. Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement > Enter Potato Words > You’re Welcome

text replacement April Fools Day prank

Bwahahahaha, every time your kiddo tries to text someone, the words will be replaced with potato words!

8. I only have eyes for food

Food with eyeballs April Fools Day prank

Don’t look now, but I think that lettuce is staring at you.

9. Doodie cookies

poop cookies April Fools Day prank

My baking always looks like crap anyway, so woohoooo, it’s on purpose this time!

10. 2 liters of laughter

2-liter with cell phone inside April Fools Day prank

I don’t know how the heck you pull this one off. I’m guessing you cut the label off, cut the bottle in half, and then tape the bottle back together and replace the label. Seems like a lot of work. A lot of work that would be totally worth it!!!!

11. “Who wants brownies?!”

Brown E's April Fools Day prank

This mom is clearly paranoid she’s going to scar her children for life. She’s much nicer than me.

12. “Can someone please pass me some toilet paper?!”

Chocolate on hand April Fools Day prank

And then when they pass you the toilet paper, smear some chocolate on their hand. Bwhahahaha.

13. Something’s squirrely around here

Squirrel in toilet April Fools Day prank

Awwww nuts!

14. Peek a boo!!!

Face in window April Fools Day prank

The perfect prank to pull on friends and neighbors. 

15. Awwww shit, who broke the TV?

Broken TV screen April Fools Day prank

1. Pull YouTube up on your TV. 2. Search for broken TV screen effect and start playing the video. 3. Watch your spouse FREAK out 4. Laugh your ass off. 5. Run because they’re gonna kill you.

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P.S. If your picture appeared in this, thank you SOOOOO much for submitting it to me years ago!!!

There are 3 comments for this article
  1. Christin Harding at 10:47 pm

    I am actually laughing out loud, ridiculously hard, and taking notes….. ..(may be due in part to the lime margarita I just finished) but these are truly hilarious. My grandkids are on spring break, but we are visiting them this weekend.

    I can hardly wait………………..buaahahhahahahah!

  2. KL at 11:21 pm

    That squirrel one brings back memories. Years ago I had to go the bathroom so bad. I lived in apartment. I opened up the toilet and there was a dead squirrel in it. I still have no idea how the squirrel got there.

  3. meghan at 6:58 pm

    Jokes on you, I love Brussels sprouts