Thanks to Martin Luther King Jr., my daughter might be able to hunt zombies with her wife one day

ZOEY: Is tomorrow the weekend?

ME: Nope, but there’s no school because it’s a holiday.

ZOEY: Yay!

ME: Do you remember what holiday it is?

ZOEY: Yes. It’s that king’s day.

ME: He’s not really a king. His last name is King.

ZOEY: Right Arthur Lunar King.

ME: Martin Luther King.

ZOEY: That’s what I said.

ME: Do you know why we celebrate him?

ZOEY: Because he made a very important announcement that we are supposed to treat brown people like everyone else.

ME: Close. He said that ALL people are supposed to be treated well. Black people, white people, ALL people.

ZOEY: What else?

ME: Okay, did you know that a long time ago they made black people ride in the back of the bus? They weren’t allowed to ride in the front.

ZOEY: What?!

ME: Yup. And they used to have bathrooms for white people and separate bathrooms for black people, and sometimes they didn’t even get a bathroom.

ZOEY: WHAT??!!!! So they had to pee-pee OUTSIDE?!!

ME: Or hold it.

ZOEY: That’s not good.

ME: No. But Martin Luther King Junior made people think differently and helped change these things.

ZOEY: Like what else?

ME: Like a long time ago, black kids and white kids couldn’t even go to the same schools.

ZOEY: And did white kids have more toys?

ME: Sure.

ZOEY: And did the black kids get more homework?

ME: Ummm, I don’t think so.

ZOEY: But it’s all better now.

ME: It’s much better now. But not all better. There are still a lot of problems.

ZOEY: Like what?

ME: Like people fighting about color.

ZOEY: What else?

ME: It’s not just about the color of your skin. Like did you know that women still get paid less than men?


ME: Yes. And some states don’t let gay people get married like everyone else.

ZOEY: What’s gay?

ME: Like when a man loves a man or a woman loves a woman.

ZOEY: Oh yeah. Like I love Lila.

ME: Kind of.

ZOEY: I’m going to marry her one day.

ME: If you decide to when you’re older.

ZOEY: And we’re going to play zombie hunt all the time.

ME: Uh-huh. Let’s talk more about Martin Luther King.

ZOEY: And we’re going to make zombie traps everywhere and put cheese in them because zombies like cheese.

ME: Did you-

ZOEY: And our kids are going to be really good zombie hunters and they’re going to kill them.

ME: So-

ZOEY: Did you know that zombies are actually really small like this big? (She held her fingers apart like a centimeter)

ME: No, I didn’t.

And that was that. I taught her about Martin Luther King Junior and she taught me about zombie hunting. Awesome.

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  1. Cynthia at 12:37 pm

    Just like “Horton Hears a Who” , “Zoey Hunts a Zombie (With Her Wife)”.

  2. Cheryl Gustafson at 12:42 pm

    Thank God! I thought my nephew was the only kid that talked about zombies!

  3. Christin Harding at 8:33 pm

    So VERY very cool 🙂 You get em’, Zoey!

  4. Adrienne Adams at 7:06 am

    Once again your daughter has reduced me to tears – I LOVE her priorities and her outlook on life! And from now on, I too will celebrate Arthur Lunar Kings day; a day of equality for gay zombie hunters of all colors! Yay, Zoey! You are more progressive than most adults!

    • Erin Delmore at 10:57 pm

      Adrienne Adams – I Love your comment, lol – “a day of equality for gay zombie hunters of all colors!” ? ?Lmao, I actually burst out laughing when i read that line, as I did when I read BBS’s post.
      But in all seriousness, I totally agree that Zoey is more progressive than most adults, and has such an amazing outlook on life ? Karen, you’ve got such beautiful, thoughtful, insightful and Hilarious children – and I know it’s because they’ve got such an awesome mom who’s shaping them out to be awesome adults some day. Thank you for being so beautiful and funny, always. ❤️

  5. Judith Fredrickson at 6:44 pm

    YAY! My kid is not the only one talking about zombies! Love it!