Aggghhhh, my kid won’t eat breakfast and it’s killing me!!!!

(Based on a true story)

ME: Holden, what do you want for breakfast?

HOLDEN: Nothing.

ME: You can’t have nothing. Do you want some toast?

HOLDEN: I’m not hungry.

ME: You’ll be hungry later at school. How about a banana?

HOLDEN: I’m NOT hungry!!

ME: You can’t NOT eat something (does that even make sense?).

HOLDEN: Fine, I’ll eat something.

ME: Good. What?


And he starts taking bites of the air to show me.

ME: (seriously???)

HOLDEN: Mmmm, this air is good.

Normally this crazy stuff makes me laugh, but we have to be out the door in nine minutes.

ME: (not amused) How about some cereal?

HOLDEN: Only if it’s Very Berry Cheerios.

I mean, why couldn’t he have just said that in the first place?

ME: Deal.

I open up the cabinet and…

ME: (insert expletive here). We’re all out, buddy.

HOLDEN: Maybe we have more in the basement.

ME: We don’t. They only sent us a couple of boxes of the new cereal for the video and we ate them already.

HOLDEN: What video?

ME: Ummmm, that huge video we shot last week.

HOLDEN: I don’t remember.

How on earth do you forget something like this? THIS video.

I show it to him on my computer.

HOLDEN: Oh yeah. I think I remember now.

ME: You THINK you remember? I THINK your brain might not be working yet because you haven’t had any breakfast.

HOLDEN: I’m hungry.

ME: Awesome. What do you want to eat?

HOLDEN: Can I have some Very Berry Cheerios?

ME: (seriously???)

Sigh, I can’t really blame him. It is soooooo good. And I’m not just saying that because this post is sponsored by them. I’m saying that because they sent me two boxes to shoot this video and we basically inhaled them in a day. If someone from General Mills is reading this, please send me more. Pleeeeeease.

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Sponsored by Very Berry Cheerios

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  1. Angie Ward at 10:34 am

    Zoey. I love the protein cheerios. So does my husband. I eat them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack. We’ve ate 1.5 boxes since Wednesday afternoon. Between the 2 of us.

  2. Toni at 10:58 am

    I totally feel your pain! AND I understand where Holden is coming from….I don’t get hungry until about 10:00am. My daughter (now 37) is the same! I tried Everything to get something into her stomach before she went to school. Finally resorted to letting her eat Cap’n Crunch. Dry. In front of the tv. I felt like an Awful mom! Wish we had had Very Berry Cheerios back then!

  3. Tessa Martin at 11:07 am

    I think they both won although reading the comments gave me a great idea for daddy sideburns….old man sideburns? or grey is the new brown sideburns? As for Holden not eating breakfast, you can either get breakfast cereal bars or let him go without breakfast, you can add extra to his lunch. I had the same battle with my girls 17&14, when they were Holden’s age, for years until I just gave up, anything for an easy life, school day mornings are stressful enough, even now, so I gave them cereal/granola bars and a bigger lunch, far less stress!

  4. SaraCVT at 11:20 am

    I feel for Holden. My mother & I used to go ’round & ’round about this very issue. She was ‘How can you not be hungry, you haven’t eaten for eight hours!’ & I was ‘How can I BE hungry, I haven’t done anything for eight hours!’ That was in my teens, quite a few years ago, & I never have eaten much breakfast in my adult life. Too much (this is true) makes me nauseated enough to throw up. Maybe it’s just Holden.

  5. Rene at 11:40 am

    Some people/kids just aren’t breakfast people… I simply cannot eat anything until at least 3 hrs after I wake up or feel super sick all morning. If I have to be someplace early in the morning I’ll grab a protein bar to carry me until later on.

    My 13 yr old eats breakfast (usually a mini bagel, fruit, or dry cereal and then her school offers “breakfast in the classroom” which is more like a snack). She generally eats a very good, healthy lunch packed from home, but is definitely NOT a dinner person and eats very little for dinner. She’s always been that way. We just focus our efforts on making sure she gets what she needs in bet breakfast & lunch (and any snacks she has).

    She’s healthy so it’s not worth the battle…

  6. Lauren at 7:36 am

    That was too funny. It looks like you all had a blast shooting the video. They both did a great job but I vote Zoey for the winner!

  7. Jen Cella at 10:36 am

    Zoey!! Looks like a fun time, great video! I’m definitely going to buy this cereal for all of us to eat (not just the kids).

  8. Silent Wolf at 10:46 am

    Sorry, Holden, but your sister came out on top this time. Little Miss Zoey had a larger “canvas” which she seemed to cover with ease even while washing his hair in fruit juice. It’s not a total loss though, Holden. You just got to play with food and make a HUUUUUGE mess and not get in trouble for it!

  9. Lisa Montague at 8:41 am

    The breakfast struggle is REALZZZZZZZ! I make my own lil 4 year-old douche nugget eat “two bites of something” and I set out a few “somethings” which means there are a $h*t ton of 1/4 eaten granola bars in my house. Also: #teamzoey

    Love your blog 🙂

  10. Mary Jo at 8:37 am

    Breakfast is a battle with my daughter. Thank goodness our school serves breakfast! I fought it at first, I didn’t want to be the mom too lazy to feed her kid breakfast. How stupid! She loves “eating” at school. I still don’t think she eats a good breakfast but I do see that it’s purchased, so I FEEL better about it . Hopefully, she takes a few bites during her morning social session 🙂

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