It’s official, my daughter has started raiding my closet, grrrr (you could win a $250 shopping spree!!!)

Zoey is pissed. Pisssssssssed. I got to order a bunch of stuff from thredUP (the most badass online consignment store!) and I only bought stuff for myself and I didn’t get anything for her. How dare I think about myself for the first time in seven years!!

And now she is insisting that I share it all with her. “Uhhhhh, no, it won’t fit you.” But she’s claiming it doesn’t matter and that it’ll look great on her anyway. I’m like duhh, because everything looks great on a cute seven-year-old girl. Seriously, I can order her 9,000 pairs of jeans online and every single one of them will look good. Grrrr, it’s not fair.

Anyways, I decided whatever. If she really wants to try on my new clothes, why not? So we had a little “Who wore it better” photo shoot. Drum roll please. Badadadadadada, now introducing the clothes I got for myself and not Zoey, but damn does she look good in them.

(make sure to keep reading so you can see how to enter to win a $250 shopping spree from thredUP!!)

Ohhhh Zoeyyy, look out. It looks like you have some serious competition in that last one. Did we have fun? YES! Will I ever get to wear any of these myself? Probably not. So I kept a few other things secret from her. Shhhhhh, don’t tell.

Anyways, in case you can’t tell, this is sponsored, but I only promote products I really like, and I LOVE thredUP. They are the largest online secondhand shop for women and kids with high-quality clothing at up to 90% off retail price. I can afford a lot of stuff I couldn’t ordinarily afford, and it was sooooo much easier than sorting through the racks at a consignment store with my little moochers in tow. They even tell you the condition of each item and sends in a cute polka dot box. See!

I know, I know, you’re like shut up already and tell us how to win the $250 shopping spree!!! So here’s what you need to do. Just hop on over to thredUP and pick out an item you like, copy the link to the item, and then leave the link in a comment here or on my Facebook page (or both!). I’ll randomly pick one lucky winner in the next 48 hours and I’ll reply to your comment. Make sure to check back in a couple of days to see if you won! (Here’s the legal mumbo jumbo if you want to read a long boring contract.)

And even if you don’t win the contest, you still WINNNN!!! Because thredUP is giving Baby Sideburns readers an extra 40% off their first order! Wahooo! The first 100 people to use my code BABY40 will get the discount! (Applies to new US customers only. Discount up to $50)

P.S. Look who has officially stolen my dress already. And she ordered chocolate ice cream. Grrrrr. I’d be super annoyed if she didn’t look so damn cute in it, chocolate stains and all.

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  1. Jennifer Hughes Hemker at 10:19 am

    You just found our best kept secret: ThredUp – love them! I almost shop them exclusively now and their customer service is equally fantastic. Buy stuff for Zoe and your little guy too! The kids love getting their own polka dot box every now and then 😛

  2. Tracy R at 10:33 am

    Love this casual dress. Unfortunately, it wasn’t in my size.

    The first time I ordered from ThredUp was when my daughter had a jacket she L-O-V-E loved!
    I couldn’t find it online anywhere and came across this site and BAM, there it was in another color. Perfect. Thanks for reminding me of this great site, it’s been awhile.

  3. Stephanie Webb at 10:42 am

    You all wore those dresses beautifully, even dad! LOL!!!! I love reading your posts, your kids just kill me! My fiance even likes hearing about y’alls shenanigans haha! If I won that gift card, I would expand my wardrobe past sweatpants, the occasional jeans, and tshirts (most of which are my fiancé’s lol). I’d totally put this in the cart first, my very first and only “little black dress”! I could see Anthony’s face now! Haha 🙂

  4. Lauren at 11:17 am

    I have been wanting a pair of these for a long time to work out, aka chase my rugrats and clean house, however they’re expensive…even used and with a discount. I have been using Thred up since you first recommended it and it’s a blessing for my family of 5!

    P.S. I love your blog and have both your books and believe they are a mandatory gift for every new mom!

  5. Tessa Martin at 11:22 am

    It’s a shame everything’s in the US, what about us in the rest of the world ?! My girls (17&13) have been stealing my clothes, shoes, make up, hair straighteners etc etc for years now. I have 3 pairs of hair straighteners yet whenever I go to use them they’ve all gone. They even take my perfume AND NOT THE CHEAPER ONE I USE EVERYDAY! ?It drives me insane! It’s even worse since I lost over 125lbs. So now I’ve given up, I don’t bother buying them any clothes, as they hate anything I buy for them, (I have bad taste…..supposedly?) and just buy myself clothes knowing if I’m REALLY lucky, I may get to wear it once *sigh*?.

  6. Tara Ramirez at 1:02 pm

    OMG I now know where to shop for maternity clothes without spending my whole life savings! I absolutely ADORE this dress and it is perfect for me since I’ll be spending this 120 degree summer 8/9 months pregnant (we really didn’t think the timing through on this one!) So I could really use the giftcard since ya know, apparently its illegal to run around . Even if it is hotter than the surface of the sun

  7. KAREN SMITH at 6:30 pm

    We must be blowing up their website… Can’t get on … selected a few items … I’ll go back later!!