Dear Chrissy Teigen, I am SOOOOOO glad you posted that picture when you did


Dear Chrissy Teigen,

Okay, you can’t see me right now so let me tell you that I am literally on my knees bowing down to you as I write this letter, which doesn’t make it easy to type. I mean technically America doesn’t have royalty, but you are my queen. Not because you’re gorgeous, not because your hubby won an EGOT, and not because you guys are like the cutest couple on earth. But because of what you did yesterday. Posting that sweet picture of you holding your baby as he was fitted for a little baby helmet.

It was perfect timing.

You see, two days ago I was dropping something off at a friend’s house and I could see that she had been crying. Her eyes were glassy and red and I was about to ask her if she was okay when she told me. She just got the news that her baby would have to get a helmet. Sigh. Not sigh because a helmet is so awful or anything. Sigh because I kind of understand. When Zoey was a baby we had to put her in a harness. This lovely contraption.

Yup, she wore this piece of sh*t (pardon my French but I LOATHED this thing) for a long time. Uggghhh, I remember the first time the doctor strapped it on over her adorable little baby feet (wahhhhh, he’s covering up my favorite part of her body!!!!) and I was like “how many hours a day does she have to wear this?” and do you know what his answer was? “23.” I almost burst out crying.

Don’t get me wrong. I knew all the rational reasons why we were doing this. We didn’t want her hips to form wrong, it’s just a blip on the radar, the time would go quickly, she’s too young to even know, so what if she can’t wear all the cute dresses and pants I got her, there are worse things in the world, etc etc etc.

But I still cried about it. A lot.

So when I saw my friend all teary-eyed, I knew what she was feeling. I could say all the right things to make her feel better, but it really wouldn’t work. Been there done that.

Until yesterday. Yesterday you posted the picture of your baby getting his helmet and then hundreds of other people posted pictures of their babies in helmets.


And two things were clear. These were the cutest babies on earth (besides mine of course) and a helmet wasn’t gonna change that. 

So I hope you don’t mind Chrissy, but I snapped a screenshot of you holding your cutie pie getting his helmet and I texted it to my friend and said “See, all the cool people are doing it.” And it definitely made her smile and feel a little better.

Don’t get me wrong, she’d still rather not get the helmet and she may still shed a few more tears, and I’m sure sooooo many other moms feel the same way. But knowing that other parents are going through the same thing helps. A LOT.

So thank you for helping me help her feel a little better. It takes a village, and you might know me personally, but you are a part of my village. Our village.


A real mom like you

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  1. Melanie at 11:10 am

    Our little guy also had a helmet — two actually — but I would be remiss if I did not say, I am soo grateful we were able to get him those goofy-looking-but-OMG-helpful-helmets. The helmets are often not covered by insurance. Indeed, the family before us sold their car to raise the funds for the helmet. I too cried when I learned that my son needed the helmets, but I also reminded myself how lucky he was to have the helmets.

  2. Valarie at 12:43 pm

    My daughter wore that horrible harness! And when we left the doctor’s office I SOBBED. My baby was broken. My poor honey. And even though I KNOW things could have been way worse, it didn’t stop me from feeling just awful. Guilty. Sad. Guilty again. I know your pain, for real. And I have a photo of her that looks just like yours. In fact, I did a double take. My daughter is nearly 14 now, and her hip is fine. We were cleared from xrays two years ago and require no further follow-ups. But you are so right – it take a village and it always helps to know that someone else has been there, done that, too.

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