Holy crap, I redid my daughter’s bedroom for under $500, and it’s like a serious makeover

Ummmm, can I just brag for a minute? So Zoey wanted her room redone and I get it. I mean we painted her room pepto bismol pink when she was 2 and like two days later she decided pink is the ugliest color on earth. But here’s the thing, there’s no F’ing way am I redoing her whole room right now when she’s going to be a teenager soon and will probably want to paint it black or gray or move into the bedroom downstairs (over my dead body. If anyone’s moving downstairs it’s ME.)

So I was like hmmm, I wonder if I can do a cheap mini makeover to it. Like less than $500 cheap, but really make it look different so she’s happy. And I was gonna wait to show you this until I added curtains and maybe a little rug, but honestly people, this will be on my to-do list for the next two years before it happens. So I’m doing a half-ass reveal.

Drum roll please, badadadadadadadada, now presenting Zoey’s OLD room so you can see how crappy it looked.

Can we just discuss the amount of STUFF everywhere? I don’t even know what to call it. Crap. Junk. Hazmat zone. 


ZOEY: But Mommmm, I want to keep that!!!

ME: Really Zoey? You want to keep the half-evaporated snow globe you made in kindergarten? 

ZOEY: It’s a rememborie. 

So I did the whole thing while she was at school so she wouldn’t see me throwing shit away like broken Happy Meal toys, a giant stuffed snake, and LOTS of rocks. Seriously, one of her drawers was full of rocks. WTF? 


Was I tempted to hire professionals to paint it? Hells yeah. Did my jaw hit the ground when I heard how much they wanted to charge? Hells yeah. So I picked my jaw up off the ground and said F that, I’m painting it myself. Which always seems like a good idea until you’re only halfway done and like uggghhh, why did I decide to do this? 

I think I bought these pants the same year we painted her room pink.


I had to wait three weeks for the paint to “cure” (whatever the F that means) before I did the part I was most excited about. The decals I bought on etsy!!!! I mean honestly I was scared shitless about doing this part because it looked super intimidating and came with major instructions and I was praying I wouldn’t screw it up. Wait until you see how they turned out. 



So after searching every night online for like a million hours, I finally found the most gorgeous comforter on Bed Bath and Beyond’s website. Just for shits and giggles I googled the comforter to see if it popped up anywhere else. Holy crap, I found the EXACT SAME ONE on Home Depot for literally half the price. I shit you not. See? 


How is that even possible?!!! I reread the description like twelve times to make sure it came with all the same stuff. EXACTLY the same. 


Hmmm, I wonder if I can make her old baby furniture look a little cooler and less babyish. So I splurged on a bunch of awesome knobs and flower garlands and wall decor. There’s one knob Zoey hates, can you guess which one? No, you cannot because they are all awesome and she’s insane. 



ME: Taaadaaaaa!!!

ZOEY: Wowwwww!!!!

ME: You’re gonna keep it clean from now on, right?

ZOEY: Yes.

ME: LIAR!!!!

But hey, I’m not a miracle worker. Or am I? Check out what I spent.

I mean no, I’m not a decorator or anything so I’m sure anyone who knows WTF they’re doing is like duuuude, you broke like a thousand fengshui rules, but I’m sorry, for $500, this is a pretty awesome transformation.

From this…


To this…

And seriously, she’s already collecting new rocks to replace the ones I threw out and pretty much every surface is covered in LEGO creations, so as much as I’d like a room that looks like the inside of a Pottery Barn Kids catalog, that’s not happening. I have normal kid with a normal bedroom on a normal budget. And I think it looks pretty damn good.

I’d love to see what your kiddo’s bedroom looks like. Feel free to hop on over to my Facebook page and share a picture!!

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  1. Heather Holmes at 11:28 am

    I never comment but I absolutely love what you did. And how wonderfully honest… be glad she likes Legos as it means less screen time and more creativity. In the words of a famous Disney Princess you just have to Let It Go:) Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  2. Karen Kohl at 11:43 am

    This looks great! Nicely done. The rocks- I can relate. I heard an astronaut (or someone impressive working at NASA) talk about how she started by collecting rocks so perhaps that’s the destiny for our girls.

  3. Sheila DeGidio at 11:45 am

    I did the same thing… committed to painting my girls room magenta then a month later she says I hate pink I wish my room was teal. I’m like oh hell no… 4 years later it is still magenta.

  4. Jean Bailey at 11:47 am

    You threw away her rocks???? You don’t understand. I have my rock collection from when I was a kid (just entered the decade of peace, love and rock n roll) and substantially more and they are all over the house. I collect rocks from wherever I go. And people bring them to me from their trips. I have big ones and tiny ones and I would be devastated if someone threw them away. I even have rocks in the yard that I wish I could take with me when I move next week, but I’m not paying movers for that; I am somewhat reasonable.

    The room looks super, by the way. My daughter would have seen the decals as an invitation to draw on the wall, but she was a special child. Not saying she wouldn’t draw on the walls now, but she has her own house now and it’s not my problem.

    Get Zoey a special box or whatever in which to keep her rocks so they’re not in the drawer and maybe limit the amount to what fits in the box. The rocks didn’t bother you until you found them, right? So, make them part of the decor.

  5. Jaimie at 12:59 pm

    Wow!!!!! I love it! We have to do my daughter’s room over (she’s 14 and we’ve been putting it off because of $) but it is 2 different shades of pink that she absolutely hates. Not that I have $500 laying around, but it’s nice to know what is possible for that little amount of $.

  6. sillyfunnana at 1:28 pm

    Nice job – decals so cute, garland on bed nice touch, knobs are sweet and I’m guessing Zoey didn’t like the butterfly – am I right? And yeah painting yourself seems like a great idea until you realize the tedious work cutting in near ceiling, corners and baseboards. Not to mention tripping over the cheap plastic drop cloths. Been there done that. Now we know why painters charge so much. Hope your daughter enjoys and appreciates your hard work, at least for 5 minutes!

  7. Karen Brandson at 2:57 pm

    Great job, love the decals! I would not add any window treatments (looks like there are pulldown blinds for privacy?), as it would interfere/ take away from the trees and the blowing leaves. Love those!

  8. TAMSYN S ANGELINI at 3:48 pm

    I love the new look! And her word: rememborie. Is that a music stand? With lego, rocks, and music, you’ve got a kid that enjoys a wide variety of things. Music is great for brain building.

  9. Joanna at 10:53 pm

    Personally, I think you should leave the windows without curtains. They have blinds and the curtains might cover some of the wall decor and detract from it. I think leaving them curtainless is simple elegance. Just my 2 cents!

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