No, that’s okay, leave me all alone on this mountain, I only GAVE BIRTH to you

This weekend sucked. Wait, no it was great. Wait, no it sucked. Shit, I can’t decide. Okay, so here’s what happened. I took Zoey sledding and if you look at the pictures and the videos on social media you’re gonna think it was the most spectacular Mommy-daughter day ever. But that’s a lie. Because here’s the picture I didn’t share.

Yup, that’s me standing all alone at the top of the big hill watching Zoey sled over and over again. With someone else.

It all started when we were leaving our house that morning but couldn’t find the sleds because they were buried somewhere in the snow in the backyard so we had to run to the hardware store on the way to the hill to pick up a new sled. Grrr, I hate spending money for something we already have, but I decided $15 for the best Mommy-daughter sledding day ever was worth it.

We’re standing in the sled aisle and Zoey picks out this little round sled.

ME: That won’t work, we can’t both fit in it.

ZOEY: But this one spins around!

ME: But then you have to ride alone.

ZOEY: So? 

(looks at me with exaggerated puppy dog eyes)

ZOEY: Pleeeeeeease? 

ME: (in my head) Noooooooooooooo!!!!

ME: (out loud) Yes.

Fiiiiine, she can sled without me. It’s not like I’m important or anything, I’m just the woman who gave birth to her. So I carry her tiny solo sled to the cash register but I also purchase a double sled in case she decides not to break my heart.

Fast forward to us up on top of the hill ready to sled. We ride down once side-by-side. She rides on her solo sled, and I’m in the giant double one all alone, which is fine because my butt is basically the size of two butts, especially with my giant snow pants on. And then we climb back up the hill and that’s when it happens. She sees some girl she knows from recess at school.

ZOEY: Emma!!!!!!!

EMMA: My name isn’t Emma, it’s Emily.

ZOEY: Want to go together?!! 

They’re barely friends at all, but they start sledding together. And by the third trip down, they’re besties holding hands and laughing and guess what I am? Chopped liver. And I step back and take my place with the group of parents who don’t sled. BO-ring. I mean sure I could just keep sledding by myself but the hill is pretty crowded and I’d basically be stealing real estate from the kiddos.

But after about their fifth or sixth trip, Zoey finally wants me. 

ZOEY: Mom!

OMGeeeeee!!!!! She wants me now!!! She’s ready to sled with me!! I step out of the crowd of parents…

ME: What honey?

ZOEY: Can Emily and I use the double sled so we can go together?

The double? My sled? OUR sled? Noooooooooo!!!!!! That is NOT what I bought it for. 

ME: Yes. Of course.

And I hand over the sled and watch them cracking up as they climb into it together. And they’re full of giggles as they careen down the hill. And I smile. Because I’m just happy to see my daughter having so much fun. Ummmm, barf, that is a total lie. This is not some Hallmark commercial, and I came her to sled with my daughter, damn it. F this. So after they go down together about 2000 more times, I put my foot down.

ME: Zoey, you ARE going sledding with me ONE time before we leave here today.

ZOEY: Mommmm.

ME: Just once. Consider it the parent tax.

ZOEY: Fiiiiiine. 

And she and Emily keep going, but as soon as that little kidnapper leaves with her family, I’m like helllls yeah, it’s MY turn now. 

ZOEY: Mommmm, I’m too tired to go again. 

ME: You just have to go down once with me. And THEN we can go home. 

And she grumbles a lot as we climb into the sled. Too bad, kiddo. We get into it a little too far from the hill so we have to scoot on our butts a lot to reach the decline so by the time we reach the edge we’re cracking up. And then this nice woman gives us a push and she pushes us REALLY hard so we fly down the hill crazy fast almost mowing over a million toddlers along the way. LOOOOOK OUTTTTTT!!!! Bwhahahaha, we’re dying of laughter, and then slowly… we slide… to… a stop. I look at Zoey’s rosy face and guess what she says? 

ZOEY: Again!!

ME: Wait, you want to go again?

ZOEY: Yes!!!

ME: You’re not too tired?

ZOEY: No!!!

ME: You want to go with ME? With your MOTHER?!!!


I try not to show my excitement. She wants to go with me again!! ME!!!! Her lame mom!! So we climb back up the hill together. 

I’m sure this day will eventually turn into a fuzzy memory, but when I look back on it, I’m going to try to remember two things.

1. As she gets older, I’m going to have to stand back sometimes and enjoy watching her have fun with people she chooses over me. It won’t be easy, but if she’s happy I guess it won’t be impossible. 

And 2. She wanted to go again. With ME. 

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  1. Karen at 11:12 pm

    Yep- to have a social daughter means getting left behind sometimes! My husband got dumped by her at a meaningful religious ceremony for a friend!

  2. Katie at 2:49 pm

    My son is 11 and he ditched me at public skating because a girl from school who he has a crush on suddenly appeared. I skated a few feet behind them, watching them like a hawk. He regularly ditches me now, and it hurts.

    Thankfully, my little one loves me still. She’s about to turn seven though, so I’m pushing my time before she (barf) leaves me for boys.

  3. George Pope at 11:46 am

    Beautiful story; you’re the winner twice!
    1. in allowing her to grow as her own person (don’t think it’s not obvious to your readers that you’ve been diong this all along & quite successfully)
    2. AGAIN! (Your growing independent daughter loves you.

    Watever you’re doing — keep doing it, & thank you for sharing it with the world, to inspire & entertain!

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