Mother’s Day gift guide: What do you buy the woman who pushed an 8-pound bowling ball out her you-know-what?

Have you ever tried googling Mother’s Day gifts because you have no clue what to get? Wanna know what comes up? A bunch of crap she doesn’t need or want. I mean, sure a picture frame that says “Mom” or “Grandma” is really nice to get her… once. Now WTF do you get her? A candle? Did that last year. A robe? Been there done that. A coffee mug? I mean surely the woman who pushed an 8-pound bowling ball out of her coochie deserves more than an $8 mug. 

Anyways, lucky for you I googled Mother’s Day gifts and saw how bad they sucked, so I pulled together a much better list with lots of stuff she’ll actually want. Whether it’s for your mom, your grandma, your sister, your daughter, your wife or yourself, here is some awesome stuff for Mother’s Day. Every picture is clickable and will take you straight to where you can buy them. (P.S. I am an Amazon Affiliate and can earn from qualifying purchases) 

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  1. e ren at 1:01 pm

    as my granddaughter is doing this year. She is creating a deck of cards – one for every day in the month if May. On the back of each is a copy of her most recent favorite artwork. There are 31 promises on the fronts of the cards, like, “I will give you a ten minute massage.” or, “I will fold the laundry.” Mom chooses one for each day.
    Happy Mothers’ Month!