I will NOT let my picky eaters dictate what I eat anymore (sponsored by Daily Harvest with a GIVEAWAY!!!!)

“I’ll never be one of those moms who makes separate meals for my kids.”

“Fast food is something we’ll only do on occasion.”

“I’m going to expose them to all different kinds of food when they’re little, so they’ll never be picky eaters.”

Do you know what idiot said all that? Me! I kid you not. That is the kind of stupid stuff I used to say. But then… I had kids. And I realized how dumb those statements were. I mean don’t get me wrong, there are kids out there who are awesome eaters and dining on sashimi and broccolini and eggplant parmesan. But not my kids.

Just so you know, I tried. Ohhh how I triiiiiied. But it just didn’t happen. One by one, they stopped liking all the awesome food I exposed them to and now my kids are picky eaters. Not because I did anything wrong. Just because that’s how some kids turn out.

So last week when Zoey said she was starving for dinner, I grabbed a fistful of chicken nuggets from the freezer and I popped them on a plate. But before I nuked them, I grabbed another fistful and added it to the plate for someone else. Not for Holden. For me. A grown-ass 48-year-old woman.

And as I was sitting there eating my soggy nuked nuggets, something occurred to me. “WHY did I just do that?” I had sunk to a new low.

I am sooooo much better than a plate of mushy processed meat. I’m an adult woman who likes delicious food that’s packed with real ingredients and spices and veggies and other awesome stuff. At least I used to. No wait, I still do! My tastes didn’t change. My lifestyle did.

Which is why I am SOOOO excited about who just reached out to me. Daily Harvest!!!!!!! The funny thing is, they were one of my first sponsors many years ago when I was just starting out. I LOVED them then and I still love them now. And don’t you dare stop reading this because YOU deserve better food. AND because one of you could win a big box of Daily Harvest!!!


Do you guys know what Daily Harvest is? They make amazing plant-based food with organic fruits and veggies. No fillers, gums, refined sugars, or artificial anything, and it’s all dairy-free and gluten-free. Everything arrives frozen on your doorstep. No grocery shopping! All you need to do is pop it in your freezer and then grab one to make whenever you’re hungry.


Their Smoothies (just add any liquid of your choice and blend!) are loaded with things like fruits, greens, cacao, flaxseed and nuts, and feel way healthier than grabbing a fistful of salty crackers. The Flatbreads are loaded with organic veggies, even the crust (I made one to shoot for this post and ended up devouring the whole thing), and their Oat Bowls are easy to nuke and eat in the carpool line (that’s what I do!). Their Bites are like a small bite of dessert in the middle of the day, and their plant-based ice cream (Scoops) is to diiiiie for. Every afternoon I nibble on a Hazelnut + Chocolate Bite to satisfy my sweet tooth.


Right now you can get up to $40 off your first box!!! Just click here and use the code BABY40!

Amazing food created with real, whole ingredients that are made for grown-ass women! Or men! Or kiddos who eat more than my picky eaters do. Well, except this one who has discovered he likes the Daily Harvest Smoothies and ice cream (Scoops). Grrrr. Those are MINE!!!!


I have to tell you, ever since my box of Daily Harvest arrived a few weeks ago, I have found myself eating so much better. Like instead of eating my kids’ leftover sandwich crusts for lunch the other day, I microwaved a Sweet Potato + Wild Rice Hash Harvest Bowl – you can eat it straight from the container or make it on the stove and eat like a civilized human being (a rarity) – and I wasn’t even hungry by dinnertime. So I drove my kids through the drive-thru line, but this time I didn’t order anything for myself.

And yes, I know my kids should be eating organic veggies and grains like me, but I basically have two choices. Feed them stuff they’ll eat and they live or feed them stuff they won’t eat and they starve. I mean seriously, if they’re alive at the end of the day, I’m chalking it up as a win.

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Annnnd drumroll please, badadadadada, one of you could win a box of Daily Harvest!!!! That’s twenty-four deeeelicious meals and desserts! All you need to do to enter is pop on over to the Daily Harvest website , pick out something you think looks delicious and share it on my Facebook page in the comments and tell me why you think Daily Harvest would be great in your life! I’ll randomly pick a winner tomorrow night and respond to their comment.

P.S. You might want to cover your keyboard or phone before you look at their website so you don’t drool all over your device. Here are the official rules. And don’t forget to click here and use the code BABY40 for $40 off your first box!!!!

Thank you!!!!



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  1. Alecia at 8:01 am

    Plant based… Does this mean it has Soy? I am actually soy intolerant and break out in a horrible rash and have lots of gastro issues when I ingest Soy. I would love to try more healthy food but anything that says “Plant Based” usually means it has soy. 🙁