The veggetti–My friend just showed me hers. Awwwkward

ME: Hey Aimee,what’s that?

AIMEE: My veggetti.

ME: Your what?

AIMEE: My veggetti!

ME: I’m not sure I want to see your veggetti.

AIMEE: It’s okay, I show my veggetti to everyone. It’s so easy. See, I just stick a zucchini in my veggetti and it’s go time. 

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 3.27.54 PM

ME: Wow, look at that! Do you clean your veggetti after you stick a zucchini in it?

AIMEE: Always. A dirty veggetti can get pretty gooky.

ME: Ewww.

AIMEE: Yeah, like my husband used my veggetti the other day without asking–

ME: You didn’t notice?

AIMEE: Nahh, I was sleeping. And then he forgot to clean it after.

ME: Yeah, I guess you should always clean someone else’s veggetti when you stick your zucchini in it.

AIMEE: Well, he didn’t and then it dried and got all crusty.

ME: I’m sorry, I can’t stop staring at your veggetti. It’s making me hungry.

AIMEE: Here, taste this.

ME: Mmmm, did that come out of your veggetti? It’s really juicy.

AIMEE: Yup, my veggetti keeps things nice and moist.

ME: Wait, is it just for zucchini, or do you put other things in your veggetti too?

AIMEE: I put all sorts of things in my veggetti! Anything that’s long and hard.

ME: Well, I hate to look at your veggetti and run.

AIMEE: No worries, happens all the time.

ME: Wow, you really do get around with your veggetti.

AIMEE: What can I say? My veggetti is awesome.

Check out the veggetti. Because every woman needs one. 


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  1. Bea Lombardo Moller at 8:09 pm

    This was great! And perfect timing too. While shopping for a wedding shower gift I saw the vegetti in the store..almost bought it for the laugh factor. I shared my little find with some friends at the shower and it was a great source of fun for the entire afternoon!

  2. Beth at 9:25 pm

    I have one, to not offend my sensitive friends I use a more spaghetti sounding pronunciation. Secretly I giggle everytime I bust out my veggetti.

  3. Narlee at 5:04 am

    This is hilarious (LMFAO)! My husband got me one at Ross and I was laughing so much when I read the name of it.

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