The makeover you’ve all been waiting for– the day ZOEY styled ME and I styled HER (you could win a $200 giveaway from thredUP!!!!!!)

So the other day I’m getting dressed and Zoey’s staring at me and I’m about to slam the closet door shut before she says anything about my butt or my boobs or fur, when suddenly she asks…

ZOEY: Mom, can I pick out what you wear today?

ME: Ummmm–

I mean sometimes I can’t decide whether Zoey’s going to grow up to be a big time fashion designer or the person to avoid on the subway because she’s dressed like Raggedy Ann on acid. But hey, I’m trying to instill a crapload of self-confidence in her so let’s see where this goes.

ME: What were you thinking?

She starts looking through my clothing.

ZOEY: No, no, noooo, ewwww, no. THIS ONE!!

ME: Zoey, I cannot wear a floor-length sparkly gown to go food shopping.

ZOEY: But this is the only one that’s pretty.

ME: (shakes head)

ZOEY: But Mommmm, there is nothing else.

So you guessed it, I went shopping that day in my evening gown. NOT. I mean yeah I’ll wear full-on pajamas to the grocery store, but apparently I draw the line at black-tie attire. Anyways, I suddenly had a better idea.

ME: Hey Zoey, I’m doing a sponsored post for thredUP. Do you want to help pick my clothing for it?

ZOEY: Yes! But I don’t want to help you. I want to do it all.

ME: Whatta you mean?

ZOEY: I mean I get to pick out everything myself and you can’t see.

ME: Ummmmm, hmmmm, interesting. Okay, but on one condition. Only if I can do the same thing for you.

ZOEY: No way, you’re going to pick out pink stuff and princessy stuff for me.

ME: No I won’t. I swear. The deal is we have to pick stuff we think the other person will like. Deal?

ZOEY: Deal!

ME: Muhahahahaha, I get to style Zoey.

ZOEY: Muhahahahaha, I get to style Mom.

So I opened the thredUP website (they are the largest online thrift store with up to 90% off your favorite brands!!) for her and set it so it would only show her my size and I gave her a budget and then I stepped away (and chewed my fingernails down to the nubs) and waited for her to be done (insert Jaws music here).

(fifteen minutes later)

ZOEY: I’m done!

ME: Why do you have such an evil grin on your face?

ZOEY: (rubs hands together wickedly)

ME: Zoey, I hope you took this seriously.

ZOEY: You’ll see.


Now it was my turn to shop for her. Holy crap did it take a lot of willpower not to look at what she put in the cart for me. But I picked out a bunch of cute clothes for Zoey and I did not peek at her stuff.

And then a few evenings later I pulled into the driveway and look what was on my porch!! Woohooo!!!

Yayyyy, I’m so excited to open them up!! Eeeeks, I’m so scared to open them up!!

Okay are you ready to see what she picked? FYI, I let Zoey TOTALLY style me, so please do NOT judge my hairdos or my poses. She was in complete control. And don’t forget to keep reading because A. You DEFINITELY want to see the adorable outfits I picked out for her, and B. I’m giving away a $200 shopping spree to thredUP at the end of this!!

So let’s take a look at how Zoey styled me!

Wow Zoey, good job! This is totally going to be my go-to dress all summer

I meannnnn, I would totally wear this to work (if I didn’t work at home in my PJs)

ME: Zoey, why are you putting eye shadow on my cheeks? ZOEY: Trust me. ME: I don’t.

You guys, I’m kinda in shock right now. She dressed me so cute. And not totally crazy at all.

Last but not least, this is what I expected every outfit to look like. Very practical for a mom on the go. P.S. She made me lean on the wall like that.

ZOEY: Mom, you HAVE to tell everyone that I did your hair. ME: Oh, I will. I might even wear a sign.

Now are you ready to see how stinkin’ adorable Zoey looks in what I picked out for her?!! Wait, before I show you, I just want to make sure you know that thredUP is like the most badass way to shop for consignment because it’s online and they literally tell you all the important stuff you need to know:

  • How much you’re saving (up to 90% off retail!)
  • The brand (they have over 35,000 brands!)
  • The exact condition of the item (like some items are even brand new with tags!)

And now, presenting the AWESOME, ADORABLE, SUPER CUTE stuff I got for Zoey!!!!

Despite the fact that it is 20-something degrees out, she has already worn this romper like 4000 times in the last week.

Apparently she gets to do my hair, but I don’t get to do hers. Not fair, Zoey.

She was super excited about this top because she thinks her Spanish teacher will like it.

I really didn’t want to buy her a WHITE skirt, but I knew she’d love it and for $9 it’s no biggie if it gets dirty.

When I pulled this out of the box, she literally exclaimed, “Well, that’s a KEEPER!”

Okay hold on, there’s one more item. So I’m scrolling through thredUP and I’m about to go check out when I see one last thing. OMG, that is SOOOOO Zoey. I can just picture her wearing this like a million ways. And I know what I have to do.

ME: Hey, Zoey, I have one more thing for you. It’s very YOU. Do you want to style it yourself? Like you do your own hair and accessories?

ZOEY: Yes!!! Finally.

She disappeared for a while and then all of the sudden she strutted back through the kitchen, looking like this.

OMG, she actually has an accessory pet!! Look out world, here comes Paris Hil– uhhh, I mean Zoey.

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for, drum roll please, badadadadadadada, a totally kickass promo code to save 30% off your first thredUP order AND one of you gets to win a $200 shopping spree from thredUP. Woohooooooo!!!! And YOU get a shopping spree, and YOU get a shopping spree, and YOU, oh wait, I only get to give away one. But ONE of you is going to win!

To get 30% off your first order (which is kind of insane because the prices are already so good) just use my promo code SIDEBURNS30 at checkout!! AMAZING!!! (Offer expires 3/20/19. Valid for new U.S. and Canadian customers only, items under $150. See site for full details).

And to enter to win a $200 shopping spree to thredUP this is what you have to do:

Tomorrow I’ll randomly pick one lucky winner and reply to the winner’s comment to let them know. Good luck!!!

If you liked this, please don’t forget to like and share it! Thank you!! And thanks for supporting my sponsored posts because they help me pay for important stuff like food and clothes and accessory pets.

P.S. If you like to read boring stuff, here are the official rules to the sweepstakes.

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  1. Shawna Marie at 10:26 am

    I clicked over to ThreadUp based on your post and was so excited to see they offer Maternity clothes! I am already filling up my cart because why should I pay full price for clothes that I’ll only wear for a couple months? Plus babies are so freaking expensive anyway!! My first favorite find was these pants

    Are they s**y? Well, no, but you have no idea how excited I am to not pay 50$ for a pair of decent maternity pants I can wear to work! I might look like a beached whale, but I can still be the boss lady.

  2. Jenna Bontempo at 10:28 am

    Every year I go to a local fashion show called Green is the New Black and it is all about using recycled and upcycled materials and creating fashion forward looks. I just lost 15 pounds so all my fun dresses that I normally wear don’t fit me and this would be such a fun night for my front row VIP tickets to the fashion show!

  3. Heather at 10:29 am

    I work remotely, so 90% of my wardrobe is yoga pants and either workout tops or oversized sweaters. The couple of nicer pieces I do own are all black or gray. This dress would be an awesome pop of color for those times when I need to meet with clients and I could match it with my one and only black blazer (or the handful of black cardigans I own). I absolutely LOVE how simple yet bright and fun it is!

  4. Susan Baskett at 10:34 am

    I have actually been looking for this dress for a looooong time and can never find one that is long enough for an almost 60-year-old woman to wear but not past the knees. I want it because I have recently embraced the Capsule Wardrobe concept and just donated 3/4 of my clothes to a women’s shelter and only keeping the items that make me happy. I realized how much of my clothes didn’t make me happy at all. Now I need to find a few more happy items so I’m not wearing the same 5 things.

  5. Margaret Anderson at 10:56 am

    I love this post! I don’t comment enough on your posts, but I read almost all of them, and “like” them. I found this post so engaging because my daughter and I spend countless hours admiring trends from afar. I love knowing that ThredUp is an affordable and environmentally friendly option to fetch the fashion I crave. Thank you for sharing this opportunity!

    I chose this incredible Black Leather Skirt, because it is a staple piece that should be in every woman’s wardrobe. I’ve always wanted one. It is so versatile, fierce, and timeless all at once! TAKE A PEEK! you know you want too. 😉

  6. Amanda Carver at 10:59 am

    Check it out — Banana Republic Casual Dress for $35.99 on thredUP!

    I’m a huge fan of thredUP, and I love that you two enjoyed your bargains! Love the post 🙂

  7. Jennifer Painter at 11:03 am

    First – I LOVE thredup!! I have gotten so many cute things there! I joined their community about a year ago based on your recommendation! Ok, now for the item I picked: I found this super cute Old Navy denim dress that would totally fit with my casual wardrobe, but can also dress up a little if need be. It seems super versatile!

  8. Carlee at 11:16 am
    Love this super cute dress, I’m longing for warmer weather and this would be super cute and one (or all…)of the several summer weddings I have this summer. Need something cute to give me a confidence boost, body ain’t the same after baby #2, feeling pretty crappy in my (6months post baby) maternity pants. Well, they are comfy as hell, but I’d like to fit in my clothes again. But hey, if I need a new wardrobe I know where to shop…these prices are great!

  9. Johnna Bither at 11:59 am

    You guys did so good! I loved the work shirt Zoey picked for you! Very much something I would wear!

    The item I found on thredup is something that I would wear on the cruise we are taking this year. Its my 10 year wedding anniversary and I am in major need of a summer clothes overhaul and will need a nice dress for the dinners!

  10. April Seiberlich at 7:52 pm

    My boyfriend and I used to do this for date night.. we’d go to the goodwill, each pick out and buy an outfit for each other, and we’d have to wear it on date night. It had to be something that wasn’t totally embarrassing…only semi 🙂 you two did a much better job than we did! I’d love to use the gift card to buy stuff for my one year old..and this cozy sweatshirt for me! These days I’m all about comfort AND bargain hunting. Kids are expensive!!

  11. Jen at 8:42 am

    I LOVE this!! You both did such a great job!! Wish I had a daughter (that ship sailed) … maybe I’ll borrow one of my nieces lol. I’m definitely entering this, the clothes look great!

  12. Megan at 12:01 pm

    I’m ready for sunshine! Thought this was cute: Check it out — Gretchen Scott Designs 3/4 Sleeve Blouse for $22.99 on thredUP!

    Love it? Use this link for $10 off. New customers only.

  13. Stephanie Jensen at 3:58 pm

    Ok. What should I be looking for? My children. My seven year old is sporting Capri pants because he hit a growth spurt and his pants are no longer long enough… but what am I looking for? ME. And I love this cute top! The pattern, the lightweight material, and the fact that this style helps to hide my baby weight belly that I still have even though my kid is SEVEN. They’ll always be my babies, so I can always carry baby weight, right??? 😜

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