Now presenting the FebruHairy Awards!!!! (sponsored by the Dollar Shave Club)

Thanks to Dollar Shave Club for sponsoring this blog post #ad

Holy crap. I seriously can’t think of two better words to begin this post. So the other day a new sponsor reached out to me, the totally kickass Dollar Shave Club, and I was like that’s cool, I didn’t know their razors are for women too. They wanted me to write a post this month explaining the many reasons they are so amazing and I was planning to, until… I remembered something.

Wait, do moms even shave in February (aka FebruHAIRY)?

I mean seriously, should we be advertising razors (even the most awesome ones) in the dead of Winter? Maybe I’ll just launch out a little Facebook survey to see if anyone else’s legs have a ten-o’clock-shadow like mine right now. OH MY GAWWWWD, WHAT did I do?!! I started an avalanche. My inbox was FLOODED with pictures of your hairy legs (and even a few armpits, blagggh).

Seriously, people, this group NEEDS Dollar Shave Club (or maybe a lawnmower). Because you guys sent me THOUSANDS of comments and HUNDREDS of pictures (with the most hilarious commentary ever), and it’s kind of a miracle I’m writing this because I just about died of laughter.

So without further ado, drumroll please, badadadadadadada, presented by my AMAZING sponsor the Dollar Shave Club, the first ever FebruHairy Awards!!!!! (may I suggest you don’t take any sips of what you’re drinking from here on out)

Here we go.

(I told you not to take a sip of anything) 

Don’t worry, there’s MORE! But first a quick break brought to you by the Dollar Shave Club. Because even though I believe you can proudly walk around being the beautiful hairy beast that your mom and dad created, IF you decide you ever want to shave your foresty trunks, there’s only one hero that can conquer this monumental  job— the Dollar Shave Club.

So I’d never tried the Dollar Shave Club until they sent me their Ultimate Shave Starter Set, and I am a changed woman. This razor is wayyyyy better than what I’m used to. It feels super substantial and heavier than the one I usually use AND it has TWICE as many blades. My leg felt like buttah when I was done (I can’t wait to shave the other leg soon since I got interrupted). For just $5 you get:

  • the Executive Handle and Blades (2 pack cartridge!!)
  • a 1 oz tube of Dr. Carver’s Prep Scrub (to exfoliate!!)
  • a 1 oz tube of Dr. Carver’s Shave Butter (transparent so I could avoid the weird bump on my leg that I always accidentally shave)
  • a 1 oz tube of Dr. Carver’s Post Shave Dew (for hydration!!)

Dollar Shave Club also sent me their Post Shave Cream that’s not a part of the kit but I’m super excited about it because it’s gonna help keep me moisturized and not look like I have iguana skin all season.  

Alrighty then, back to our regu-hairly scheduled programming.

Okay, since my sponsor is probably like yo Baby Sideburns, can you mention us again, I’m gonna give them one more quick shout-out before I show you the last batch of finalists.

If you want your wife/hubby/partner/booty-call-partner to be excited like mine, just go to to get your first starter set for $5! After that, full-price products will ship at regular prices. And they also have a lot of other awesome stuff too like haircare products and skincare.

Voting time!! Please go to the comments here or on my Facebook post and say which of these finalists is your favorite. Because the world will not be complete until we have a FebruHairy winner. What will our bushiest beast win? I don’t know. But definitely a crapload of pride.

And last but not least, go check out Dollar Shave Club. They’ll save you money, time and do just as good a job as one of those riding lawnmowers. Because that’s what we’re gonna need, people.

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There are 8 comments for this article
  1. Christin Harding at 11:11 am

    Sasquachy……I’m DYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • BabySideburns at 11:12 am

      Right?!!! I can’t believe that one’s not getting all the votes!!

  2. Angela at 12:20 pm

    So I love that a man entered and I sorta want to vote for him! Second would be the hairy sloth cause that one cracked me up!

    • BabySideburns at 12:42 pm

      I agree! At first I was like that’s not fair, but then I thought bwhahahaha that he even wanted to enter a women’s hairy leg contest. And he was one of TWO men which makes it even funnier!

  3. Marilyn Kay Christianson at 12:41 am

    I have to go with the Sasquatchy legs. Those made me belly laugh.

  4. Christina Gonzalez at 12:27 pm

    S**y leggings with a runner up of hair shorts!

  5. Judi Komorski at 1:13 pm

    I vote for “STARTED TO SHAVE BUT GOT INTERRUPTED”. It has happened to every woman alive!