Bwhahahaha, the BEST damn quarantine haircuts you have EVER seen

Warning!! Empty your mouth of any and all food, drinks and other stuff before reading this post. I am not kidding. Swallow whatever’s in your mouth right now. Because if you don’t, it’s coming straight out your nose and it’s gonna hurt like a mofo.

If you asked me at the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic what would be the thing I would miss the most, I don’t think I would have said hair salons. I mean don’t get me wrong, I like getting my hair done, but do you know what I really miss? My hubby getting HIS hair done. I mean holy crap, over the past few months, his hair has gotten bigger and bigger and crazier and crazier. So I bought a set of clippers but he was like you stay the F away from me with those.

My 80’s heartthrob… except that it’s 2020!

So the other day I asked you guys, “Hey do any of you have any funny quarantine hairstyles that might give people a much-needed laugh?” and holy crap did the pictures pour in. Over 800 comments. I spent the entire day cleaning up my computer screen and chair because my orifices kept leaking every time I burst out laughing. Sorry, TMI.

It was damn near impossible to narrow it down, but I have chosen 38 FANTASTICALLY AMAZING quarantine hairdos that should go down as the best silver lining of the whole entire pandemic. Don’t forget to pick your favorite and vote for it on my Facebook page in the comments because we MUST HAVE a winner. So without further ado (get it? A ’do!!!), I now present the best damn quarantine hairdos that have ever existed:

Introducing the human pompom

The Super Bowl!!!

Double-click his head and a word document opens up. 

“Go to your room! And if you don’t, I’ll pick you up by your head handle and carry you there!”

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a WTF?

When you just can’t wait for the hair salons to reopen so you take matters into your own hands.

Silly Mommy. Did you really think you could take a shower and leave the clippers on the counter? 

Uhhh, I think you missed a spot.

Look Mom, bangs!

It’s mullet time.

Because why the hell not?

Davyyy, Davy Krockett, king of the wild frontier

Pure. Gold.

WTF? Which way is this kid even facing?

How you doin’?

Richard Simmons falling off a building

Who who who who who, who turned the lights out?!

His mom tried to give him a fade. Nailed it!

More self-confidence than Kanye

When you forget that your daughter did your hair before the Zoom call

The clippers broke halfway through. The new ones didn’t arrive for three days. “This is so humiliating.”

It’s Coronation Day!!

MOM: How do you even see with those bangs? HIM: Duhhh, like this.

Overachiever face mask wearer

The most adorable q-tip I’ve ever seen

All the Whos down in Whoville

There’s something about Mary

Rook at re! Ri’m a raggaruffin!

Roots? What roots?

Too cute not to include!!

Who wore it better?

Talk about a growth spurt!

Should we tell him he missed a spot? Nahhh

When you forget you just took the guard off to clean the clippers.

She is literally the only person in the entire world who would look cute with this haircut.

BOB ROSS: We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents. 

Well, thank you Bob, because this post is FULL of happy little accidents. 

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There are 5 comments for this article
  1. Stephanie at 12:30 pm

    OMG this made my day!! SO many good ones it’s hard to pick just one!! I will vote for The Who from Whoville ??

    • jen graham at 1:18 pm

      LOL Thank you I needed that. My soon to be 14 year old looks like Justin Bieber back when he first hit the scene, can’t even see his eyes. He’s thrilled, he hates getting his hair cut but I like to see his face. I told him as soon as his barber opens back up he’s throwing on a mask and sitting in the d**n chair lol.

  2. Christin Harding at 9:29 pm

    OMG I’M DYING HERE………..!!! It’s sooooo hard to pick just one-nearly every single photo I’d say “oh! that’s the winner!” but then I’d scroll down and “OH! THAT’S winner!” repeat. repeat…repeat…I’d have to say Richard Simmons falling off a building…….but that may be directly related to his appearances on Letterman-hahahha!…these are all just delightful! Thanks for really long laughs…..please do another series like this! You have more than enough material to provide us with hours of laughter. And now, I’m going to go change my pants. (oh! TMI!)