The Totally Kickass Gift Guide of Last Minute Stuff that’ll Arrive by Christmas

Oh crap. There are only EIGHT days until Christmas and if you’re anything like me, you’re starting to panic. Oh no, I forgot a present for Cousin Louie! Oh no, I have to make 2020 the best Christmas ever! Oh no, I got more for Jimmy than Sally and Sally is going to throw a shit-fit when she counts the number of presents and then I’ll call her ungrateful but then someone will get me a vacuum cleaner and I’ll be like WTF and I’ll be the ungrateful one walking around like a sourpuss and Christmas will be ruined!

But it’s NOT too late!! Don’t say I never did anything for you because this is me saving your butt. I have pulled together a last-minute gift guide of BADASS STUFF THAT CAN STILL GET TO YOU BY CHRISTMAS. That is not a typo.

Every picture is clickable and will take you straight to where you can get it. (P.S. I’m an Amazon Associate and can earn from qualifying purchases). So without further ado, now presenting the LAST MINUTE GIFT GUIDE FOR PEOPLE WHO DON’T HAVE THEIR SHIT TOGETHER:

And don’t forget about my first gift guide that also has a lot of awesome stuff on it too! Happy Shopping!!!

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There are 2 comments for this article
  1. Alan Debban at 9:36 pm

    I have the heated back massager. It is great.

  2. Michelle at 7:16 am

    Adding fart pen to my Amazon cart now….the joys of having a 7-year-old boy…..