What is the perfect age to take your kiddos to Disney World?

So the other day I was talking to Holden about the first time we went to Disney World, and he didn’t remember a thing. N.O.T.H.I.N.G. I meannnn, are you kidding me?!!! We spent like 9 million dollars on a hotel and tickets and the Happily Ever After Dessert party, and not because we wanted to eat endless amounts of tiramisu, but because it would get us reserved seats on the lawn for the fireworks. Which he doesn’t even remember now ???

I remember those fireworks like it happened yesterday. He constantly wanted to be glued to me so I literally held him the entire time. It was hot, he was heavy, and it was amazing. See?

Seriously, it was one of the most magical moments I’ve ever had. 

I hear people ask all the time. Are my kids too young to go to Disney? Will they even remember it? Nope, they will not. Like someday you’ll be reminiscing all the magical things you did there, and they’ll be like, “Oh yeah, I remember I ate a chocolate banana on a stick!” So basically you could have shoved a banana onto a skewer and saved yourself 9 million dollars.

But here’s the thing, guess who DOES remember our family’s first trip to Disney? Me. I will never forget that magical moment of holding Holden in my arms with our cheeks smushed together watching Cinderella’s castle morph into different colors with fireworks exploding above us.

When you buy tickets to Disney World (or really any big vacation or expensive experience), a lot of what you are buying is the feeling YOU get. Yes, you. I mean sure, it’s about their smiles and giggles and awe, but a lot of it is about YOU enjoying their smiles and giggles and awe. And that’s okay. 

Holden might not remember Thunder Mountain Railroad, but I’ll never forget his endless laughter on the roller coaster. Holden might not remember The Haunted Mansion, but I’ll never forget how he squeezed my hand the entire time. These are memories that I will hold in my heart for the rest of my life. Is it selfish? Maybe. But you’re allowed to be a little selfish when you’re shelling out a bazillion of your hard-earned dollars. 

So yes, the older your kiddos are, the more they will remember.

If your kiddo is 10, they might remember conquering the Tower of Terror. If they’re 8, they might remember battling Darth Vader. If they’re 6, they might remember the princess that came to the breakfast table. And if they’re 4, they might remember an impaled frozen banana.

But even if they’re young and don’t remember much, it’s still not a waste of money. Because there’s a crapload of other stuff they get out of a trip to Disney. Just because they don’t remember the rides, they still had an awesome time riding them. And just because they don’t remember when you held them on your shoulders to see the parade, they still soaked in every ounce of your love .

You know how a newborn baby doesn’t remember being held by their parent for the first time but they still get so much out of it? It’s like that. You don’t have to have memory for a moment to be worthwhile. 

So what is the perfect age to take your kiddos to Disney World?

Any age.

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  1. Arica at 9:58 am

    I was around 8 and remember A LOT! But that was like 40 years ago with less daily spectacles provided via computer and television:-)

  2. Nadine at 4:30 pm

    I was 3 when we took a family road trip during the summer of ’83. We drove across the country, from WA state to NY, down to FL, then over to CA, and back up to WA. I remember very little, but probably a lot for being only 3. I remember my dad hitting his head on the top of the caves in South Dakota because he was too tall. I remember being obsessed with the Dumbo ride at Disney World, getting my picture taken with Captain Hook and Smee, and a vague recollection of passing out on Space Mountain (which, I probably only remember because my family tells the story at every opportunity.. to which I always respond that I “fell asleep” not passed out, haha). I remember when we got to Arizona and our air-conditioning conked out.. and it was 120-something degrees in the shade.. and my dad was telling us not to get out of the car because of rattlesnakes. I also remember that we were not able to go to Knott’s Berry Farm in CA because our trip went longer than planned. My siblings missed the first two weeks of school that year because we got back home that late.

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