Badadadadadada, it’s time to vote for the hilariously awesome finalists in the Messiest Dirtiest Kiddo Photo Contest

DirtyKidsCollage copy

Holy crap.

Deep breath in. And out.

No. Just nooooo.

This cannot be happening.


Honey, get the hose. I don’t give a damn what the temperature is outside. Just get me the hose now.

These are just a few of the things I imagine the moms said when they found their kiddos looking like this. Plus like a thousand curse words. Because if I found my rugrats looking like any of these pictures, I can’t even imagine what words would come out of my mouth. Alls I know is my swear jar would be overflowing with enough money to send us to the Caribbean. Forever.

Yup, before the holiday I asked you guys to send in the most hilarious pictures of your kiddos for the Messiest Dirtiest Kiddo Photo Contest sponsored by Sterling, the kickass brand by Kohler, and holy crap did you guys oblige.

Picking the top 18 finalists was nearly impossible and we need your help to choose three final winners for the grand prize. So don’t forget to vote by liking this post and writing your ONE favorite in the comments section below or on the Baby Sideburns Facebook page by December 12. They’re all so good, I cannot wait to see which ones you pick!

Stay tuned to hear the three top winners on December 16th! And without further ado, here are the awesome finalists:

FinalistDiaperDisasterTitle copy

FinalistPinkBaby copy

FinalistSudocremeTitle copy


FinalistFourGirlsTitleClubMud copy

FinalistMuddyHandprintTitle copy

FinalistRedTongueTitle copy


FinalistDesitinSistersTitle copy2

FinalistDrywallMudTitle copy

FinalistNoodleTitle copy

FinalistMuddyGirlTitle copy

FinalistFaceSmash copy

FinalistPaintGirlsTitle copy

FinalistPuddingTitle copy

FinalistLotionTitle copy

FinalistMakeupArtistTitle copy

FinalistGreenPaint copy

Annnnnd now it’s time to clean up!! The three winners of the Messiest Dirtiest Photo Contest will walk away with the totally AHHHMAZING ComforTrack shower doors by Sterling. Remember this badass invention??!! It’s rubbery so it’s not painful when you lean on it!!



ComforTracjk2Soooooo cool and helpful for any mom who bathes her kiddos. Which isn’t me because I make my hubby do that job while I pretend like I’m washing the dishes in the kitchen even though I’m really drinking wine and reading People magazine.

So don’t forget to VOTE for your ONE favorite by liking this post and writing it in the comments here or on the Baby Sideburns Facebook page!!

And let’s give three cheers for Sterling for hosting this kickass contest!! Hip hip hooray!! Sorry, I’m a little chipper because I had a glass of vino before I wrote this. Anyways, yay Sterling. You rock and so does EVERYONE who sent in an awesome picture for this contest. Thanks guys! I LOVVVVED seeing your messy kiddos. Mostly because they weren’t my messy kiddos and I didn’t have to clean up all this crap.

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  1. Brigette at 10:28 pm

    So difficult but Now I Sneeze Sparkles got me. You know that crap just kept mooshing around that little face never really coming off.

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